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Title: Neokittys Trade list pretty mermaids, Polly pocket, My little ponies ect
Post by: Neokitty on Saturday 17 September 2011, 08:52 am

Toys I have for trade
sorry there's a lot of links of pictures


Fashion fillies
2 outfits

Fushigi yugi cat plush also have handbag

Get a long gang

Ghostbusters II mug never used

Hello kitty
I have plushies and pocketbooks, pm if you want a list or pics

Holly hobby doll new unopened in box

Littlest pet shop

Littlest pet shop cucko clock


Mcfarlane figures
Elvis figures
Kiss set

My little pony my pretty pony not my picture

My little ponies generation 1 porcelain figure

My little pony generation 2

My little pony generation 3
misty morning new unopened

Nintendo Metroid custom statue

Polly pockets vintage
also  have a mermaid figure, elephant a few other polly pocket figures
I also have the polly pocket mansion

Rainbow brite

Princess Mermaids the one with blue hair's face needs to be cleaned

Sailor Moon

Sonic the hedgehog
Huge comic lot over 100 comics, at least 5 of them are signed and include premiere edition
Sonic japanese pencilcase
Sonic soundtracks

Spawn figures

Sweet sea also have the vhs

Thundercats hat


also have this combining one


 Wanted items
Anime figures

Lady lovely locks
Enchanted dolls or clothes
Maiden fairhair
Prince stronghold clothes

looking for a lot of manga - I also have over 100 manga for trade

My little pony porcelain ones, any but newborn, mainly want Bowtie but will take any

Might max playsets


Thunder cats new ones