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Title: Hey there everyone!
Post by: Adotonawalk on Sunday 06 January 2019, 06:15 am
HEY!  My name is Kristin-- I'm largely interested in collecting 80s/90s girl toys (MLP, LPS, furby and a few different plush. :3) but I also love some more recent toys as well.  Pretty much if it catches my eye, I'm all for it.

I'm excited to start posting and digging through this forum!  I've used the site to help me ID toys plenty of times, and it wasn't till recently I figured I'd join the forum as well!  The real pusher here was that I spoke with a friend who needs help sorting through tons of toys to prepare for sale/donating-- I figured it would make sense to sign up ahead of time so that if we had issues IDing any of what she had, I could turn to you guys for some advice.

Anyways!  I'm excited!  :D If you're interested in seeing some of my collection, I have an instagram at bluevibetoys  with lots of different pics. :3

Title: Re: Hey there everyone!
Post by: jazzmatazz on Wednesday 13 February 2019, 05:17 am
Welcome! It goes through phases of activity on here. I know I drift in and out of logging on. Though the ID area usually is the most hopping place.  :)