"It's a party full of fun surprises!"

Miss Party Surprise were produced by Toy Biz in 1999-2002. They were dolls with large plastic skirts, which when opened turned into a playset full of accessories.

Images on this page thanks to Knot a Toy, Spiral Toy, Flickr member Piper Reaper, Etsy seller That's So 90s, Amazon seller chuckntamie and various eBay sellers!

Original Dolls

There were several different sets produced in 1999, and most, if no all, were available in both black and white doll versions. All dolls had molded on tops, which differed for each playset. Some were scented.

The later dolls produced in 2002 re-used some of the older moulds, which can be seen side by side for comparison on the 2002 Dolls page (towards the bottom).

Baby Party

Baby Party came with a doll named Jenny and was baby powder scented. This playset came with:

  • Baby boy and baby girl
  • Tub/diaper station
  • Duck and teddy
  • Lotion and powder bottles
  • Toy chest/high chair
  • Building blocks (with letters on)
    which could be turned into a bracelet to wear
  • Tiara for doll, or ring to wear
  • Rocking horse
  • Cradle/carriage with clip-on mobile
  • Comb
  • Baby bottle and rattle
  • Blanket
  • Doll stand

Beach Party

Beach Party came with a doll named Sandy with colour-change hair. This playset came with:

  • Pail and shovel
  • Sand castle
  • Cooler and soda bottles
  • Barbeque and hotdogs
  • Table
  • Volleyball net and ball
  • Windsurf
  • Whale float
  • Comb
  • Sun block
  • Beach ball/earrings
  • Radio
  • Sarong, hat, sunglasses and beach bag
  • Tiara/ring
  • Splash the crab and Summer the spaniel
  • Umbrella and lounge chair
  • Towel

Bowling Party

Bowling Party came with a doll named Tina. This playset came with:

  • Bowling alley, pins and balls
  • Juke box
  • Pinball machines
  • Food bar with chairs
  • Pizza and other small items
  • Bowling ball ring
  • Comb
  • Puppy?
  • Trophy necklace

Dance Party

Dance Party came with a doll named Kristy. This playset came with:

  • Tap Platform
  • Piano
  • Top hat/piano stool and cane
  • Gym Bag
  • Two dance costumes
  • Swan bracelet
  • Comb
  • Stage with two different backgrounds
  • Mirror with gem earrings
  • Ponytail plug
  • Vase with bouquet
  • Practice barre and practice matt
  • Harp

Gymnastics Party

Gymnastics Party came with a doll named Jeanie. This playset came with:

  • High bar
  • Balance beam
  • Gold medal/glitter gel
  • Trampoline
  • Pom Poms
  • Cat
  • Megaphone
  • Pommel Horse
  • Flowers
  • Hair Accessories
  • Batons
  • Trick Wand
  • Comb
  • Trophy

Ice Cream Party

Ice Cream Party came with a doll named Katie and was vanilla ice cream scented. This playset came with:

  • Working blender
  • Cake, cake cover and cake dish
  • Tiara/ring
  • Radio
  • Comb
  • Two soda floats, bowls and spoons
  • Stools with earring tops
  • Table and two chairs
  • Flip-top freezer with ice cream scoops and cones
    (the scoops were also beads which could be turned into a bracelet to wear)
  • Doll stand

Make-Up Party

Make-Up Party came with a doll named Molly who had colour-change hair. This playset came with:

  • Brush and comb
  • Perfume bottle
  • Hair bands
  • Colour-change clip-on nails (to wear)
  • Stools with ponytail tops (to wear)
  • Stool/locket (to wear)
  • Shampoo bottle
  • Hair dryer
  • Barrettes and bobby pins (for doll)
  • Colour-change ponytail
  • Stickers
  • Manicure table/nail box

Playground Party

Playground Party came with a doll named Niki. This playset came with:

  • Swing
  • Slide
  • Climbing frame
  • Bench
  • Merry-go-round (ponies were also necklace charms)
  • Comb
  • Bag
  • Kite/pin (to wear)
  • In-line skating path
  • Side walk
  • Skating helmet
  • Banana
  • Juice box
  • Lamppost/marker with ring light
  • Pet monkey

Pet Party

Pet Party came with a doll named Patty. This playset came with:

  • Pet Carrier / Stamp Pad
  • Runway for Pets
  • Comb
  • Mirror
  • Blowdryer
  • Food Dish
  • Doll Stand
  • Belt / Ring (to wear)
  • Gold Cups (x4, doubled as charms)
  • Stickers
  • Camera with Film
  • Kitten Jungle Gym
  • Yarn with Magnetic Feature
  • Kittens (x2)
  • Climbing Post
  • Swing
  • Jump Through hoop
  • Puppies (x2)
  • Bone with Magnetic Feature
  • Puppy Trick Counter

Princess Party

Princess Party came with a doll named Penny. This playset came with:

  • Magic Mirror
  • Attachable Braid
  • Frog Stamper
  • Pillow/Stamp Pad
  • Crown/Rings
  • Crown Bobby Pin
  • Sceptre
  • Unicorn
  • Carriage/Tower
  • Princess Hat & Cape (for doll)
  • Chest
  • Jewels

Winter Fun Party

Winter Fun Party came with a doll named Cindy. This playset came with:

  • Snowboard
  • Snow Slope
  • Tiara/Ring
  • Bouquet
  • Snowballs
  • Medal/Ponytail Holder
  • Sammy the St. Bernard
  • Fireplace
  • Snowman/Necklace
  • Skis
  • Ice Skates
  • Tutu
  • Vest
  • Sled
  • Ice Rink

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