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Claverton Manor, Somerset

A few photos from the grounds of Claverton Manor in Somerset, home of The American Museum.

Wells Cathedral & Bishops Palace

A few photos of Bishop’s Palace and Wells Cathedral.

Garden Photos ~ July 2016

I finally got around to taking some photos of a few of the plants in my new garden. The passion flower has gone bananas since it was taken out its pot and planted in the earth. I even found a fruit!

Bejewelled Mosaic Coasters

My first attempt at making coasters from my ever growing pile of tile samples!

Bradford On Avon, Wiltshire

Here’s a few photos of Bradford On Avon, Wiltshire I took whilst visiting in March. There is a lovely little Saxon church (St Laurence’s) just before the town centre and a interesting town bridge with a small domed building on it which was the overnight lockup for naughty people.

Dorchester, Dorset

Here’s a few photos I took whilst visiting Dorchester last month.

Passport Wedding Invites

Four months back I had the pleasure of designing the wedding invites for my boyfriend’s nephew and his betrothed. Georgia set the brief of a blue passport, boarding pass and luggage label as the template, I designed it and my boyfriend printed it. They came out really well and I can’t wait the the reception next month!

St Michael’s Cemetery, Bath

On a recent trip back to Bath to see the folks, I decided to take a look around the little cemetery at the end of the road. It was used as a bit of a spooky playground as a child and a cut-through for my paper-round as a teenager, so has always been one of the fixtures of my childhood and not a place I’ve really taken the time to look over. It turns out the two chapels within are more interesting than I thought, but the sun (and time) was not on my side so I only took a few close-up photos. Next time I go back to Bath I’ll try to get some more.

Arnos Vale Cemetery, Bristol

I visited Arnos Vale Cemetery (a vast place) last March and thought it was about time I sorted out the photos I took and publish them. It had been about seventeen years since I last visited, at which point it was in a bad way with some parts so overgrown as to be completely impenetrable. It is now a wonderful place to visit and wander around without fear of falling into an open grave!

Hadleigh Rare Breed Centre – April 2016

The Hadleigh Rare Breed Centre is now open again and I managed to get a few photos whilst the sun was briefly out this morning!

Beaded Peyote Necklace

Last year I made my mum a couple of pairs of earrings for her birthday, one pair of which turned out slightly bigger than I expected. After a few months procrastination, I turned said earrings into a necklace and it became this year’s birthday present instead!

Slightly Odd Arty Collage Badges

These badges were so much fun to do, although rather fiddly and time consuming. I made them a couple of years ago, put them in a pot and promptly forgot about them until now.

Star Wars Quilted Playmat

On learning that I was to be an aunty, I knew immediately that my role would be to create some weird and wonderful creations for said child to be dressed in or play with (or both). At first I thought about making a little quilt for his cot, but advice from mother led me to making a quilted playmat instead.
After spending several (well spent) hours pouring over fabrics I decided on a Star Wars theme. I then spent several months procrastinating until I eventually made it. I’m very pleased with my first ever attempt at making a quilt, and even more so that it didn’t fall apart in the washing machine!

Peyote Earrings

I recently discovered a beading technique called peyote, an off-loom bead weaving stitch. It’s actually the free-form version which caught my eye, but thought I had better start somewhere a little easier! I found some wonderful free instructions by Jill Wiseman (link below) and created these beauties for my mum’s 70th birthday.

Snowflake Button Badges

I just made these button badges from some saved Christmas wrapping paper, perfect for recycling. Plus, there was chocolates wrapped up in it, so excellent all round!

Weird Furry Hats

I just came across some photos of three furry hats I made a few years back which I had totally forgotten about.

The pink and black hat had funky wool dreads, and the black and red one turned into a rather fearful bear with buttons for eyes, nose and teeth. I made them as a wedding present for some friends as they collected hats, but maybe not as weird as these! They were a bit warm on the head.
I made the white and blue bear hat for a friends son for an Octonauts fancy dress party, but was possibly worn more by his mum than him!

I don’t think I have a

Ink Blot Ladies

These drawings are from 2003 and were so much fun to do (plus a window into my psyche). They are A3 pieces of photocopy paper (not too absorbent) which were then folded in half. I placed a few good drops of food colouring into the fold and pressed the paper together to move the ink around and creates something reminiscent of the Rorschach inkblot test. I tried using artists ink but it didn’t spread as well, and much preferred red to other colours I tested.
I can’t remember what prompted me to start drawing headless dancing ladies, I guess it’s just what I saw in the first image and then went with it! Unlike some of the other

Old Crayon Drawings

Another blast from the past found in a scan folder. These A3 crayon drawings are from around 1996 and christened “Rantings” by a fellow student.

One of these A3 crayon drawings features Strawberry Shortcake taking off her tights. I don’t remember when I drew them.

The Forgotten CV

I’ve been redesigning part of my website this weekend and giving some thought about what I want to do with all my various interests. I haven’t felt very creative of late and it’s been quite a long time since I did anything arty (excluding photography, but I’ve let that slip too). On going through some very old versions of my website (I store everything) I came across an old art CV from 2002 with a list of all the things I got up to after graduating from Uni in 1997. Turns out I used to be quite productive and had forgotten about a lot of these things.
So, do I use it as encouragement to get back into making

Starlight Dance Badges

I’ve just completed my forth large custom badge order for Starlight Dance. The order included 200 badges made from one of the designs created for their third order back in April.