Dolly Projects

I collected old, second-hand dolls and toys from college onward, and became a strong recurrent theme in my artwork at university and beyond. These are some of the my old photography and sculptural  projects.

Dolls Head Bags

Bags made from dolls heads, various years.

Yolk Babies

Little dolls photographed with an egg and red food colouring, 2002.

Sarah Dolls

Various scanned images of dolls with my face digitally superimposed on top. A4 prints on 16″ x 20″ mountboard displayed on light boxes, 2000.

Shedding Skins

Latex doll skins hung from a rack in an alternative clothes shop, 2000.

Latex Baby

Latex dolls stuffed with feathers and sewn together with hair, 2000.


Objects photographed on a lightbox, c.2000. I made these objects by dipping dolls heads, which had been moulded onto clay trunks, into latex. It was then pealed off and created something which looked like condoms.

100 Doll Candles

100 doll candles exhibited along the isle of an abandoned church, 1999. Approx. 8″ high.

My Dirty Little Pony

This set of traditional colour photo’s were part of my Fine Art degree exhibition in 1997.

The Doll Room

A small, dark fur-lined room filled with hair-hung glowing dolls heads. This was part of my final fine art degree show in 1997.


Fake hair with treacle photographed on a lightbox, 1996.

Dolly Babes

Simple portraits of dolls, various dates.

Stocking Head

These dolls were actually part of an installation I did in my second year at uni on a Fine Art degree in 1996, entitled “The Girl Who Collected”. Colour slides.

Lightbox Toys

Various toys photographed on a lightbox, 1996.

Play With Me

An unfinished project from university, merging pixalated images of adult toys with phrases found on children’s toys, 1996.