Various old drawing projects, from either university or short while after.

Ink Blot Ladies

These drawings are from 2003 and were so much fun to do (plus a window into my psyche). They are A3 pieces of photocopy paper (not too absorbent) which were then folded in half. I placed a few good drops of food colouring into the fold and pressed the paper together to move the ink around and creates something reminiscent of the Rorschach inkblot test. I tried using artists ink but it didn’t spread as well, and much preferred red to other colours I tested.

I can’t remember what prompted me to start drawing headless dancing ladies, I guess it’s just what I saw in the first image and then went with it!


These A3 crayon drawings were christened “Rantings” by a fellow student at university back in 1996. They were part of a larger body of work which also included large fabric dolls made from 1970’s floral curtains.

Pea Angels

These little guys date back to around 1997 whilst at university. They are really just doodles as I never expanded on the idea.

Crayon on A3 paper, and biro sketches.

Long Legs, Crooked Thighs, Small Head, No Eyes

These A4 ink drawings were exhibited in the entrance to Derby Museum in 2000, as were the figures below.


Ink on A4 paper, 1999.

A5 tin plate etching, 1997. This was just a doodle.