Stuff I buy. Places I go. Things I make.

Stuff I Buy

Music, books and other items I’ve found in charity shops and elsewhere.

  • Powerpuff Girls Pens
    Whilst queuing up in Primark to purchase the Mr's basket load of socks and pants, I spied out of the corner of my eye the last remaining Powerpuff Girls pens. They were reduced from £2.00 to 50p each. Happy days!
  • Hieronymus Gets Frizzy
    A trip to Chelmsford last Friday turned up a few little trinkets (as well as a whole lot of rain)! I found a medium sized Frizzys, "The Ninth Gate", an eighties edition Terry Pratchett book (The Colour of Magic) and a Hieronymus Bosch book from the fifties!
  • DigiMog In TubbieTown
    A mooch around Rayleigh's charity shops on Tuesday morning filled my pockets! I found a weird furry hat with teeth, Teletubbies, Mr Men, Digimon, Baby Bop, Barbie, Larry the Lamb, Meg & Mog, and Frasier!
  • Gimme Extra Wolf Marmalade
    Saturday's finds include Gimme Gimme Gimme, Teen Wolf, Star Trek, Extras, Men Behaving Badly (through the post) and Paddington! I wasn't in the mood to go through LP's and didn't find any toys worth getting.
  • Revelation Of The Zelf (There Can Be Only One)
    I wasn't going to let the sweltering heat put me off my charity shop mooching on my way home from work this week and found Zelfs, Quadrophenia, Highlander, Hogfather and Revelation. I also found a cat scratching post for the kitties!
  • Men Standing Badly
    Last week's meagre charity shop finds included two DVD's (Stand By Me and Men Behaving Badly) and two CD's (Echobelly & Revolver).
  • Trainspotting with Obstinate Frogs
    I found a nice little selection of goodies last week, including lots of books (Cockleshell Bay, Dr Suess, Grey Rabbit, Flippy Frog and several more), three toys (Moshi Monsters and Glo Kids), movies (Trainspotting and Lost Highway) and some shiny beads.
  • Mrs Hedgehog’s Big Guide To Hell
    This weeks after-work charity shop finds included four DVD's (The Hitchhicker's Guide To The Galaxy, The Big Lebowski, From Hell and Judge Dredd) one CD (The 80s Movie Album: The Brat Pack Years), and one book (Tales of Mrs Hedgehog).
  • Drop Dead Boglin Boy
    This weeks after-work charity shop finds included a small Boglin, a plush SuperTed keyring, Drop Dead Fred on DVD and Bros "Push" LP (listening to now).

Places I Go

I love photography and have taken pictures of plants and places ever since I got my first camera.

  • My Garden [May 19th 2018]
    Photos taken in my garden on 19th May 2018.
  • Hadleigh Rare Breed Centre [May 2018]
    We popped down to the Hadleigh Rare Breed Centre last bank holiday weekend as it was a lovely morning and thought we'd get there before it got too busy.
  • Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford
    The second port of call on our whirlwind stop-over to Oxford was the Pitt Rivers Museum, which I last visited some 25 years ago with my mum whilst researching masks for an A Level art project on the grotesque. The only things I could remember about the place was the huge totem pole and the tiny shrunken heads.
  • Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
    The first port of call after arriving in Oxford on Wednesday was the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology. The museum covers five floors and contains thousands of objects from all eras of human evolution.
  • Hadleigh Rare Breed Centre [Aug 2017]
    It was time for another visit to Hadleigh Rare Breed Centre this weekend so I could see all the birds, which were hidden indoors on our last visit in April. I went back twice to photograph the ducks, I just love them!

Things I Make

When the mood takes, I create.

  • Ribbon & Bead Hoop Decorations
    Just before Christmas, I created some tree decorations using memory wire, ribbon and beads. Mine ended up on the cheese plant.
  • Random Bead Earrings
    My mum gave me a selection of beads a few weeks back to turn into earrings for her, and I finally got around to it yesterday!
  • Potato Print Bird Cards
    Sometimes I feel inspired to make my own arty Christmas cards, and last year I created these potato print birdies with real feather tails. They came out slightly more sinister than I meant them to be!
  • Bejewelled Mosaic Coasters
    My first attempt at making coasters from my ever growing pile of tile samples!
  • Passport Wedding Invites
    Four months back I had the pleasure of designing the wedding invites for my boyfriend's nephew and his betrothed. Georgia set the brief of a blue passport, boarding pass and luggage label as the template, I designed it and my boyfriend printed it. They came out really well and I can't wait the the reception next month!