Retro Floral Make-up Bags, Gadget Cases & Mini mp3 Pouches

I have just added a whole new batch of items to my shop made with the lovely floral fabrics I bought a short while ago. I’ve currently only made one each in the different floral fabrics below, but please contact me if you want to buy something which has sold and I’ll let you know if I make one especially for you!

These retro floral make-up bags (or anything you want really!) measure around 13cm x 18cm.

Floral Make-up Bags

These retro floral gadget cases are suitable for mobile phones (including iphones), mp3 players (including ipods), small cameras and more. They measure 8cm x 14cm (or 12.5cm where noted) when closed.

Floral Gadget Cases

These retro floral mini mp3 pouches will comfortably fit most mini mp3 players and headphones inside. Closed, they measure about 7cm x 8cm.

Floral Mini mp3 Pouches