Weird Furry Hats

I just came across some photos of three furry hats I made a few years back which I had totally forgotten about. The pink and black hat had funky wool dreads, and the black and red one turned into a rather fearful bear with buttons for eyes, nose and teeth. I made them as a… Read More »

Redesigned 1970’s Floral Purses

After much procrastination, I decided to redesign the 1970’s floral bags I made a year or so ago as I made quite a few and sold, well, not so many! I turned most into large square purses, measuring about 5 inches each way, and left a few as neck purses, trimming their length to about 6 inches. I think they look much nicer now and the larger sized purses may be the way forward too!

Retro Floral Make-up Bags, Gadget Cases & Mini mp3 Pouches

I have just added a whole new batch of items to my shop made with the lovely floral fabrics I bought a short while ago. I’ve currently only made one each in the different floral fabrics below, but please contact me if you want to buy something which has sold and I’ll let you know if I make one especially for you!