"The most brushably beautiful pets of all!"

Sweetie Pups and Sweetie Kitties were produced by Hasbro from 1989-91. There were two distinct lines of the Pups and Kitties; the original line, which was quite realistic, and the Party Time line which used a bright rainbow of colours. There was also series of Baby Pubs and two playsets released.

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Sweetie Pups   ~ Set 1

"What could be sweeter than a precious puppy or cuddly kitty? Sweetie Pups and Sweetie Kitties, with their long, brushable hair and irresistible looks, are special playtime pets thai kids can love and nurture. These huggable pets resemble actual dog and cat breeds, and feature silky, combable hair in natural colours to add to their charm. Accessories are included with every Sweetie Pup and Sweetie Kitty for lots of hair play fun."

Sweetie PupsSweetie PupsSweetie PupsSweetie Pups

There were eleven Sweetie Pups in the first series, each one a different breed of dog. Each one came with an award ribbon shaped hairclip, ribbon and either a comb or brush which were produced in a variety of colours. Eight were 5 inches high and three were 8 inches high.

Brush Comb Hairclip
Brush Comb Hairclip

Small Sweetie Pups

"Precious pups for brushing and loving! These delightful playtime pups have long, silky hair to brush and groom! Assortment ot purebreds includes Cocker Spaniel, Schnauzer, Bearded Collie and Toy Poodle. Each one comes with brush or comb, blue ribbon barrette and fabric ribbon."

"Comb them, cuddle them, and give them tender loving care! These silky-haired dogs are so adorable, kids will want to collect them all! Available in Maltese. Shih Tzu, Bichon Frise and Yorkshire Terrier breeds. Each Sweetie Pup comes with brush or comb, award ribbon barrette and fabric ribbon."

These eight Sweetie Pups were all 5 inches high.

  • Bearded Collie [tan & white]
  • Bichon Frise [white]
  • Cocker Spaniel [golden yellow]
  • Maltese [White]
  • Schnauzer [gray]
  • Shih Tzu [black & white]
  • Toy Poodle [cream]
  • Yorkshire Terrier [black & tan]

Sweetie Pups

Large Sweetie Pups

"Lovable pets offer kids fun-filled haif play and a lot more! Long, brushable hair in natural colours gives these play puppies the look of real dogs. Available in three regal breeds: Old English Sheepdog, Collie and Afghan. A brush or comb, blue ribbon barrette and fabric ribbon come with every Sweetie Pup."

These three Sweetie Pups were all 8 inches high.

  • Afghan [blond & brown]
  • Collie [white, tan & brown]
  • Old English Sheepdog [black & white]

Sweetie Pups ~ Set 2

There were eleven Sweetie Pups released in the second series, with eight new breeds added and three returning from the first series. From the subtle change in box design I also think Toy Poodle was re-released, although it is not shown on the back of the box.

Each puppy came with a rosette shaped hairclip, ribbon and either a comb or brush as before. The hairclip and comb were the same as the first series, but the brush was a new design. Of the new releases I have never seen the Saint Bernard or Samoyed boxed or loose.

Brush Comb Hairclip


  • Lhasa Apso [golden brown]
  • Pekignese [tan & brown]
  • Pomeranian [light brown]
  • Saint Bernard [brown & white]
  • Samoyed [white]
  • Skye Terrier [white, silver & black]
  • Springer Spaniel [brown & white]
  • Westie [white]


  • Bichon Frise [white]
  • Cocker Spaniel [golden yellow]
  • Collie [white, tan & brown]
  • Toy Poodle [cream]


Origianal packaging had the tag line printed at the bottom and was dated 1988 on the side.

Second release packaging had the tag line printed at the top and was dated 1989 on the side.

The packaging design changed slightly in 1990, with "Showtime" at the top and a plainer logo at the bottom.

This is French-Canadian packaging from series one and two.

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