"An adorable transformable world!"

Sweet Secrets were produced by Galoob from 1985 into the mid 1990's. Later on, a few of Galoob's dolls and playsets were released Blue Box. They started off as a series of lockets which transformed into dolls and animals, and as they grew in popularity Sweet Secrets became more diverse, even expanded into playsets.

They were sold in the US, UK and other parts of Europe, and I currently know of one name variation:

  • UK & US: Sweet Secret
  • Italy: Dolci Segreti
  • French: Magic Secrets

Images on this page thanks to Pablo and eBay seller lalamctexan!

Doll Charms - 1st Series

Sweet Secret charms each came with a necklace and hair-clip which they could be attached to. The doll's / animals arms, legs and head were folded inside the gem, which could be opened at the side. After folding out the various parts, the gem could then be closed again.

There were three doll charms in the first series and six more in the second. There were six animals charms in the first series plus one more added soon after, and six in the second series which are most often mistaken for simply colour variations as they used the same moulds but were in different colours.

The third series of charms ranged from being slightly different in style, to completely different. They are the hardest to find second-hand, so either didn't sell well or not many were made.

There were three dolls released in the original series of doll charms. As the line grew in size, several colour variations of each of these three dolls were produced.

Flashee had purple hair, Gleamie had red hair and Shinie had yellow hair. This never changes, regardless of their body colours. They all had bows in their hair and rosey cheeks, unlike the second series charms. I don't believe Blue Box ever re-produced these three dolls as they were not featured on any back packaging images.

There were several colour variations of each of the three original dolls, and each colour variation was produced in the three different gem styles (or at least most seem to have been). These three dolls were also sold with the smaller playsets, which may explain why there are so many colour variations.

Gem styles include:
  • Diamond gem surrounded by frilly circle.
  • Heart gem surrounded by four petals
  • Circular gem surrounded by eight petals
Hair-clip Necklace


I've found three colour variations of Flashee, plus a shimmery version.

  • Purple, white & blue
  • Shimmery purple, white & blue ("Beauty Bows")
  • Purple, red & yellow
  • Blue, pink & red

In the 1985 catalogue she was purple & white (like in the 1987 catalogue), but with a purple jewel. I've never seen one in this colour.

I've only found Flashee in these colours.

Both Flashee and Gleamie were made in these colours.

All three characters were made in this colour.

These shimmery Flashee's were part of the "Beauty Bows" set (see Jewellery for more info).


I've found six colour variations of Gleamie.

  • Blue, pink & red
  • Purple, blue & red
  • Purple, white & blue
  • Pink, yellow & red
  • Shimmery blue, white & red ("Beauty Bows")
  • Shimmery red, white & blue ("Beauty Bows")

I've only found Gleamie in these colours.

All three characters were made in this colour.

Both Gleamie and Flashee were made in these colours.

Both Gleamie and Shinie were made in these colours.

These shimmery Gleamie charms were part of the "Beauty Bows" set (see Jewellery for more info). I've found three colour variations.


I've found two colour variations of Shinie.

  • Pink, yellow & red
  • Blue, pink & red
  • Dark Hot Pink, white & yellow ("Beauty Bows")

All three characters were made in this colour.

Both Shinie and Gleamie were made in these colours.

These dark, hot pink Shinie's were part of the "Beauty Bows" set (see Jewellery for more info).


This is all the different types of packaging I have come across for the original girl charms. They are US, France & UK (with Dangle).

Galoob Catalogue

The catalogue images below show some, but not all, of the colour variations.

1985 Galoob Catalogue

1986 Galoob Catalogue

1987 Galoob Catalogue

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