"You magically turn rocks to jewels... and then make your own jewellery!"

Treasure Rocks were produced by Hasbro in 1993-95. They were various sets of jewellery which featured "magic" rocks, which when place in water would dissolve to reveal beautiful gems!

They were sold in the US, UK and other parts of Europe under varying names:

  • UK & US: Treasure Rocks
  • France: Bijoux Magiques
  • Spain: Rocas Magicas
  • Germany and Netherlands: Magic Rocks

Images on this page thanks to Prancetron!

Unproduced Sets

There were several sets shown in the 1996 Hasbro pre-toy fair catalogue, and I'm pretty sure they were produced.

Lots Of Rocks Refills

A refill set was featured, which included:

  • 6 Classic Gems
  • 4 Glitter Gems
  • 14 Mini Gems

Rocks and RIngs - Etched Gems / Glitter Gems

The original Rocks and Rings set was also advertised as an Etched Gems set and a Glitter Gem.

The Etched set included 8 classic gems, 4 etched gems and 2 rings. The Glitter set included 12 glitter gems and 2 rings.

Rocks and Rings - Etched Gems Rocks and Rings - Glitter Gems

Mini Collection - Mini Gem Tricks

  • Disappearing Bracelet
  • Transforming Rings
  • Vanishing Earrings

Mini Collection - Mini Gem Surprise

"Kids can reveal a beautiful locket filled with 4, 5 or 6 dazzling Mini Gems! Assortment includes Heart, Diamond and Oval Lockets! Includes Treasure Rock Locket (with Mini Gems inside), locket with setting, Necklace, ribbon and 8 stick-on earrings."

Scented Collection - Scented Surprise

"Scent-sational collection includes 6 bottle of perfume coated with glitter! Add water, and the glitter falls to reveal a surprise character in the bottle! Each set includes bottle of perfume (in one of six scents), sticker and parts to make a ring."

Sparkle Scope

"Turn rocks to jewels, then watch them dazzle and dance in the Sparkle Scope! Kids can create all kinds of colourful patterns! Features sparkle ring and special mini gems. Includes Sparkle Scope, container/revealer, 10 Treasure Rocks, 4 revealed gems, special sparkle jewel, and parts to make a ring."

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