Information about updated toys sections, and newly added toy sections.

Baby Beans [New]
December 28, 2015

I’ve just added a new section for Baby Beans!

What I thought would be a medium sized toy line turned out to be much larger when I stumbled across the Brazilian line Feijãozinho by Estrela (plus the 2011 re-issues), and the Meritus1990’s re-issues. Both the re-issued lines have been hard to find information on, so if you know of any more dolls do please let me know.

I’ve added in as many variations of the dolls as I have found (there were quite a few for the original dolls), plus packaging and publicity images. The only things I haven’t come across are any commercials or extra merchandise.

Bouncin’ Babies [Updated]
November 28, 2015

I’ve just finished doing a massive update to the Bouncin’ Babies section! I’ve split the babies into a dolls page and a playset/fashion page as there was so much information on each. I’ve added lots more images, both packaged and loose, of each doll and playset. I’ve also been able to find images of two of the three additional babies and a soft carry bag.

I’ve found packaging images of two of the three Bouncin’ Kids which were without, and the same for their playset. I’ve also found the two missing outfits.

There are now images of all six Bouncin’ Princess dolls.

I’ve finally found a packaging image of the missing Big Sister ‘n Baby, plus a few loose images of both dolls.

And lastly, I’ve been able to find better back packaging images of the Bouncin’ Ponies and their carriages, plus three more packaging images of the ponies sold on their own and one packaging image of the pony with carriage.

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Hair Bears & Light Up Beamer Bear [Updated]
November 11, 2015

I’ve just updated the Hair Bears section and Light-Up Beamer Bear section!

I’ve found two more multi-coloured Hair Bears, now know to be called “Sunbow Hair Bears”, plus one plain coloured bear which I assume is from the same line and most likely simply called “Hair Bears”. I’ve also found a packaging image and an advert from 1985.

I’ve added images of two more plain-bellied Light-Up Beamer Bears, now making three colours found.

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Aurora [Updated]
October 30, 2015

I’ve just updated the Aurora section with all new images of the dolls, packaging and fashion sets!

There are now clear images of all four dolls, loose and packaged, plus close-ups of all six Fantasy Fashion sets.

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Always Sisters [Updated]
October 23, 2015

I’ve just updated the Always Sisters section with more images!

There are now images of all but one of the twelve dolls (Gina). I’ve also added detailed images of their lockets, brush and bottle. All but one of the eight fashion sets now have images too.

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My Magic Kissing Dragon [Updated]
October 16, 2015

I’ve just updated the My Magic Kissing Dragon section with lots of new images and information!

All dragons and playsets now have individual images, and I’ve also been sent some images of a fifth playset which I didn’t know about (Magic Dream Castle). I also found an image of a piece of jewellery (an enamel pin). I wonder if there were more pieces of jewellery made?

DinoMites [Updated]
October 10, 2015

I’ve just renamed the DinoSnores section DinoMites, as this now looks to have been the name of the line and DinoSnores just one of the sets. I’ve added a few more images, reorganised the layout and added some updated information.

The line looks to have included:

  • Dino Snores
  • DinoEggs
  • DinoBones

I’ve also found some baby ones and a couple of other characters which I think were part of an expanded DinoSnores set.

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Baby Talk [New]
September 18, 2015

I’ve just added a new toy section for Baby Talk!

Baby Talk was produced by Galoob in 1985-87 and were three large 18 inch interactive talking dolls. They has plastic heads and limbs, and cloth bodies. When the doll spoke, its eyes and mouth also moved.

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Pillow People [New]
July 9, 2015

I’ve just added a toy section for Pillow People!

Pillow People were produced by Spring Industries and PCE Marketing in 1986-88. They were a fairly large series of large pillow shaped fabric characters with fabric arms and satin legs, and bold printed features. They were sold in the home furnishing department rather than toy isle.

In 1996 Kidsview re-issues six characters, in 2002 Best Brands re-issued at least three characters, and in 2009 InVision bought the rights but nothing seems to have come of beyond a now defunct website.

Designo Dinos [New]
June 24, 2015

I’ve just added a new toy section for Designo Dinos!

Produced by Totsy Toys in 1987, they were a small line of flocked dinosaurs in various clothing. They are very hard to find and as such have only found images for four of the six characters. Luckily I also found a back packaging image with illustrations of them all, and I fear this may be as close as I come to finding the real thing!

CuddleBrites [Updated]
June 22, 2015

I’ve just added some packaging images and the names of all four puppies to the CuddleBrites page!

There names are:

  • Lillylite is a party girl! Friends and fun make her light-up bow sparkle!”
  • Glitterplum loves to dance! Her light-up hair changes colour when she moves!”
  • Amberglow is warm and loving! Her hair lights up as bright as the sun!”
  • Rosyshine is sweet and shy! Her lights change colour when you cuddle her!”
Boo Boos Care [Updated]
June 21, 2015

I’ve just updated my Boo Boos Cares page with new images and information.

Boy Pixies

  • Second series back packaging images added.
  • Clear front packaging images added for Caring, Helpful (whom I had missed out completely somehow!), Playful, Thoughtful and Tuneful. Some images have also been added of Tuneful’s 7? vinyl record.
  • Better loose image of Joyful added and a slightly better image of Kindness (could be better).
  • Am still yet to find an image of Watchful with Dragonfly, but back packaging image added shows what they looked like together.
  • New series two boy pixie shown on back packaging (“Loving“), but no real life doll found as yet.

Girl Pixies

  • Second series back packaging images added which shows all missing accessories where no front packaging images have been found. All six names are now known.
  • Front packaging images added for Happy and loose image of Neatness added. All six girl pixies are now named.

Other Pixies

  • Second series back packaging shows there were four new themed pixies added (not three, as I previously thought) – Lullaby with Harp, Tasteful with Cooker, King and Queen. There was also a Royal Throne for the couple. I only have a real life image of Tasteful as of yet.
  • Image added of Tasteful’s cooker (which I already had but didn’t know what it was until now).

Baby Twinkle

  • Packaging images added.

Crib House

  • Packaging and loose images added clearly showing all accessories.
  • Second series back packaging implies the Crib House was re-released in different colours (yellow and green), but I have found no real life evidence to confirm or deny this.

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Brush-a-Loves [Updated]
April 18, 2015

I’ve just updated the Brush-a-Loves section with lots of clear new images, plus a few more finds. All the UK versions now have images, as well as four prototypes I found. I’ve also added packaging images and two more puzzles.

Lots-a-Lots-a-Leggggggs [Updated]
March 16, 2015

Thanks again to the wonderful Sara for emailing me her new Lots-a-Lots-a-Leggggggs finds, which I have just added to my site. She must have one of the biggest collections in the world! Check out her Flickr account goodbyegalaxy. I also found a couple of diaries, secret safe and a set of mini figures too.

Princess Of The Flowers [Updated]
February 1, 2015

As usual, a small addition turned into a full scale update when I discovered lots of Princess Of The Flowers packaged toys on ebay!

I now have images of all but one playset (Princess Laryssa) and confirmed the name of the jewelled set to be Sparkling Jewels.

I’ve also added notes and images of the many colour variations found, plus information and package images of European releases (called Secret Princess in some countries). The most colour variations seem to be in the Baby Baskets line due to their release around Europe.

Pogo Bal [New]
January 9, 2015

I’ve just added a new section for Pogo Bal!

It was produced by Hasbro from 1986-91 and again in 1995. Marketed as the pogo of the 80’s, it became quite the craze for a short while.

Backpack Club [New]
January 1, 2015

I’ve just added a new toy section for Backpack Club!

Backpack Club were produced by Galoob in 1997-98 and were a small line of five-inch poseable dolls wearing backpack playsets. There were also larger backpack playsets for the dolls to play inside and large enough for a child to wear. All items are quite hard to find.

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