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"Have you snuzzled a Wuzzle today?"

Wuzzles were produced by Disney and Hasbro in 1985. Each character was a mixture of two animals, and all had wings. They started off as an American animated television series and were soon produced as poseable figures and plush toys (similar to Care Bears), books, puzzles and an abundance of other items.

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There were several Wuzzles books produced by various publichers.

Collectors Series [Hasbro Bradley]

These story books came with their respective large plush Wuzzle and Wuzzle Cousin. They were each numbered.

  1. Butterbear Plants a Surprise
  2. Moosel's Special Gift
  3. Eleroo's Big Surprise
  4. Win One For Bumblelion
  5. Hoppopotamus Plays Detective
  6. Rhinokey's Opening Night
  7. Skowl Fixes Things For Crock
  8. Woolrus' Sleepy Time Pal
  9. Piggypine's Weighty Problem
  10. Tycoon Comes Through
  11. Koalakeet Saves The Day
  12. A Hot Tip For Pandeaver
#1.Butterbear #2.Moosel #3.Eleroo #4.Bumblelion #5.Hippopotamus #6.Rhinokey

#7.Skowl #8.Woolrus #9.Piggypine #10.Tycoon #11.Koalakeet #12.Pandeaver

Cuddle Books Series [Random House]

  • Meet the Wuzzles
  • The Have-It-All Wuzzle
  • The Wuzzle Book of Seasons
  • When Do You Snuzzle a Wuzzle?
Book of Seasons Snuzzle a Wuzzle

Disney's See Hear Read Series

As well as being sold individually, three of the story books were sold together with one long cassette tape packaged in a plastic case ("Eleroo and the Brahma Bullfinch" must have been a later addition to the series as it was not included).

  • Eleroo and the Brahma Bullfinch
  • Bumblelion's Funny Money
  • Butterbear's Surprise Guest
  • Hoppopotamus Goes To Hollywuz
Brahma Bullfinch Funny Money Surprise Guest Hollywuz Case for 3 Book & 1 Cassette

Random/Happy House Books

  • The Wuzzles Fair
  • The Wuzzles and the Big Game
  • The Wuzzles Wishing Flower
  • The Wuzzles and the Best Gift of All
  • Have You Snuzzled A Wuzzle Today?
  • The Wuzzles and the Creepasaurs
  • The Wuzzle Bath Book
  • The Wuzzles Alphabet Book
  • The Wuzzles Christmas Colouring Book [activity book]
  • Meet the Wuzzles Colouring Book [activity book]
  • Wuzzles Dot-to-Dot Colouring Fun [activity book]
  • Wuzzles Paint Box Book [activity book]
Best Gift of All Creepasaurs

World/Mini World Books

  • The Wuzzles Play Pad [activity book]
  • The Wuzzles Crazy Holiday
  • The Wuzzles and the Haunted Castle
  • Tycoon's Birthday Celebration
  • The Wuzzles Funny Fair
  • Hoppo's Hiccups
Crazy Holiday Funny Fair Hoppo's Hiccups Haunted Castle

Little Owl Superstars Books

  • Butterbear's Popping Plant
  • Eleroo to the Rescue
  • Moosel wants to Fly
To The Rescue

St. Michael Story Books

  • The Talent Contest
  • Island of Fear


  • #3.Eleroo's Wishday
Eleroo's Wishday


There were four annuals produces between 1986 and 1989.

1986 1987 1988 1989