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Author Topic: My Little Pony G1 G2 G3 Secret Wish Horses Smooshies Cupcake Doll Gramms Bear  (Read 7929 times)

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I have tons of excellent feedback at the mlparena Please e-mail me at mayanbutterfly18@hotmail.com or PM me at the mlparena or the mlptp if you would like to buy or trade!

I accept paypal and money orders and ship world wide!
Fantasy Horses and Fakies

Complete Secret Wish Horse Shiningstar (Mint Condition!)
Comes with two combs, bracelet, two earrings and dangling jewels, "you're cool" card board heart, key, and fortune telling necklace.
No yellowing, hair is uncut, no marks!
(I really like this horse and I've had it since I was little. However, I am willing to part with it for $200.00 or a piggy pony!)

Secret Wish Horse Starquest (Saddle is intact, hair uncut, no yellowing, no marks) $49.00

Blue Lanard Hippie Clothe Hair Pony $10.00 (another one I really like, but for $10.00 she's yours!)

Vintage Sunshine Fakie $3.00

Only Flocked one left

G3 Fakie Mobile that flaps $2.50

[size=18]G3 Ponies[/size]

Tiny Tin G3s $2.00 each

Sand Dollar $4.00

SLH Rainbow Flash and Barrette Accessory $3.75

Princess Peppermint $3.50

Pineapple Paradise $5.75

Wishawhirl Easter Pony $5.00

Beachcomber $4.75

Complete Set of G3.5 Mcdonald's Ponies $7.75

Garden Glade $5.00

Summer Shores $8.00

Belle Disney Princess Outfit $2.50 (Precious Gem $18.00)

Dainty Daisy Mint $4.00

G3 Cotton Candy $2.00 (Mane cut a little)

Jade Garden $9.00

$1.00 for bigger items 25 cents for the baby ring accessory

[size=18]Custom Ponies[/size][/color]

Blue Moon Unproduced G3 Yellow Custom $15.95

Shooting Star Unproduced G3 Orange Custom $6.75

[size=18]G1 Ponies[/size]

Vintage Lunch Box $6.00

Petite Pony House $2.00

G1 Saddles 25 cents each

[size=18]G2 Ponies[/size]

$19.00 for the complete Garden Playcase/ Playset

For $26.00 I'll include all the ponies!

[size=18]G1, G3 and fakie Back Cards[/size]

Styling Star Catcher's accessories and instructions $2.50

Petite Pony Box 25 cents

Merry Go Round Pony Box art 50 cents each

Cute Chubby Fakie Backcards $1.00 each

Fakie Backcard with Milkyway on the front 25 cents

Ponyland Fakie backcard 25 cents

Fakie Backcard with Sweetstuff on the front 25 cents each

[size=18]Other Toys[/size]

Vintage Gramms Bear, Mint Condition $10.00

Pirates of Dark Water Stickers $2.00

Cupcake Doll $1.00

Vintage Littlest Pet Shop Unicorn $1.00

Vintage Littlest Pet shop Horse $1.25

Mini Fluppy Dog $2.00

Smooshie Horse House, Carriage, and Ribbon set $4.75

I am looking for:

My Pretty Mermaids

MLP SS Angel

The 2010 Green MLP Fair Pony

2010 Comicon MLP Pony

MLP Toola Roola Standing, Sitting, and Laying Down Yarn Hair Plushies

Name on Leg MLP Toola Roola

Bait G3 MLP Unicorns

... and other ponies, please PM my with what you have for trade!  Thanks!
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Re: My Little Pony G1 G2 G3 Secret Wish Horses Smooshies Cupcake Doll Gramms Bear
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Hey, welcome mayanbutterfly!  I can't buy anything but I just wanted to say hello.  Good luck with your sale!


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You are selling your blue Lanard Hippie Pony?!  Oooooh, the temptation!

Would I be able to buy her with a combination of any of the fakies you are selling at My Little Imposter Pony?

(PMing you at the Arena, just in case you don't come back here to see this)