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Author Topic: Sesame Street Crew ~ Paw Paws ~ Trobbits and Demons ~ Shimmering MerPets  (Read 2434 times)

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Renee emailed me these four images and descriptions:

1. "The dog has a big black nose, ginger fringe and is 2" high. I thought was either Cabbage patch or Sesame Street but I can't find this exact toy."

Megan emailed me to say that this dog is called Barkley and is from the Sesame Street Crew. He was made by Fisher Price

2. The little bear is a Paw Paw and wants to know which character she is!

Laura emailed me to say the Paw Paws toys were produced by Applause in 1985. They were PVC characters based on a cartoon and were only made for a short time. There werw also plush toys made.
Christopher confirmed this figure to actually be Laughing Paw.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to find out much about the toys produced to go along side the cartoon series, so if you know anything about them please email me.

3.Ugly little man!

Renee emailed me to say she had identified this toy purely by chance as Balkar Trobbit from Trobbits and Demons.

4.The mer critters are two inches tall and they don't have any markings.

Zuse emailed me to say the mer critters are Shimmering MerPets from Kenner's Littlest Pet Shop.
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