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Author Topic: Mini Pet Carrier Keychains  (Read 2788 times)

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Mini Pet Carrier Keychains
« on: Wednesday 19 April 2017, 03:12 am »
Has anyone seen these keychains before? I think they are puppy in my pocket or maybe a knockoff of littlest petshop, not sure? I remember having them in the 90's and now I'm obsessed with finding them again!

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Re: Mini Pet Carrier Keychains
« Reply #1 on: Thursday 20 April 2017, 03:06 am »
Photos of the pets that came with the carriers are here http://vintageinmypocket.proboards.com/thread/435/small-collections-various-cats-dogs
(Scroll through a few pages.) But does anyone know the name of them?

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Re: Mini Pet Carrier Keychains
« Reply #2 on: Thursday 20 April 2017, 10:42 am »
I don't know it, but it is adorable.  Kinda reminds me a bit of the bigger versions you often see for sale on second hand sites where a plush kitty or plush dog comes with and also some things like a water bowl and such.  But this small?  Nope.  Unless it is a keychain that used to come with the bigger sets?
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Re: Mini Pet Carrier Keychains
« Reply #3 on: Wednesday 07 June 2017, 08:30 pm »
(woo! that's my thread that's been linked)

Just want to say that the cages are only stamped with "made in china" on the bottom, incase that helps in any way. There's no LPS mark or anything.

I think the ones that are big and almost identical, but from LPS, have paw-shaped openings in the cages rather than the hears.

I think these cute cages are more sort of unbranded knock offs, pehaps? We got ours between 1996-1998 I believe, if that helps.

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Re: Mini Pet Carrier Keychains
« Reply #4 on: Sunday 14 April 2019, 03:24 am »
Hello at original poster,or any one here.Did any one find out the name of this keychain thing?I use to have the pink one mine came with a little white dog in it kinda looked like this dog in this dog can food.I think it's called Cesar the brand not sure will have to google.I got mine in 2002 probably.I think there were also cat ones.I don't remember the name and no longer have it :/ I thought of it today and googled it and this is the only place it came up in.Was hoping some one found out what it was called just for nostalgia's sake at least lol

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Re: Mini Pet Carrier Keychains
« Reply #5 on: Monday 15 April 2019, 08:57 pm »
The vintage pet carriers from Puppy In My Pocket looked a little different:

Here's an example: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Puppy-In-My-Pocket-Kitty-in-My-Pocket-Playsets-Lot-Hospital/183755620449?hash=item2ac8b04061:g:ja8AAOSwR29ZLbuR