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Re: Want List!
« Reply #15 on: Tuesday 18 May 2010, 06:46 am »
To me - a total ebay whore, that is a little naive! I scan all three sites - .com, .com.au and .co.uk for stuff and also sometimes .de and.fr. Being in Australia some stuff was never sold here that was sold elsewhere and maybe weren't as popular. If someone doesn't offer international shipping and I search international listings on ebay.com.au then their listings won't come up so I have to search those sites as well and then I ask people if they will ship to me. You don't have to have an account on that particular ebay - your own ebay account spans all ebay addresses. The person just has to be willing to ship to you. To demonstrate how much of a freak I am I can generally estimate shipping rates (first class) from UK and US and I usually know the US/GBP/Euro/Yen to Au exchange rates. At the moment the GBP is really low - it used to be like double and a half the australian dollar so like 1 pound = $2.50 Au but now it's not even double. It's great for people wanting to buy from other countries - do it now - now, now, now! How I loved the days when 1 Au dollar = 92 US cents. It killed me when the depression stated and we went below 70 US cents. Internationally shopping through ebay has better helped me understand about the value of the dollar!

For me as well, sometimes it's actually cheaper for me to buy new toys WITH shipping from the US than it is for me to buy them over here - go figure!

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Re: Want List!
« Reply #16 on: Tuesday 30 November 2010, 10:09 pm »
Not sure if you are still looking for these items but if you are, i have
a wrinkles girl dog

two yum yums the grape mouse and the jumpin jelly bean bunny

also have a popple, the baseball popple

i would have to find them but i do have them

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Re: Want List!
« Reply #17 on: Wednesday 01 December 2010, 02:17 am »
I will have to pull my inventory but I know I have some:

Sweetie Pups I think we have the terrier and collie but I can check to be sure.
Fluppy Dogs I know I have Silly Flup I may have others
Various Pound Puppies/Pound Purries
Rainbow Brite (unclothed canary and rainbow brite herself, a few of the taco bell edition sprites)
Yum Yums (The Vhs tape)

Let me know if you are seeking specifics, I'm pulling things out of my safe storage room for christmas. :)

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Best toys for the kids
« Reply #18 on: Thursday 23 June 2016, 11:53 am »
We have a different categories of childrens toys, please visit our site to find best toys for your childrens.

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Re: Want List!
« Reply #19 on: Monday 25 February 2019, 12:20 am »
I have a large collection of Herself the Elf dolls, rag dolls, books and records all NIB.....I have many Strawberry Shortcake Dolls lots of Apricot all NIB different editions and even a special edition, Barbies Angel of Joy NIB, Far Out Barbie NIB,  Barbie Tales of Peter Rabbit NIB, also Suntan Dodi Doll NIB, Precious Pee Wee doll NIB, Baby Pee Wee doll NIB,  Friends of Kelly dolls NIB, also have some Lucky Locket Kiddle, and a set of Vintage Little Miss dresser seriously of mirror and comb in a underwater design, vintage aprons handmade from the Early 1940s....many more! Please contact me if your interested or want to see any pictures or have questions. swan250250@gmail.com Thanks!!!

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Re: Want List!
« Reply #20 on: Thursday 21 November 2019, 06:05 pm »
Hi! I thought I'd throw my Want List out there since it's garage sale season. :)
- SWEETIE PUPS (This is the collection I'm going to focus on at the moment)

- Fluppy Dogs

- Wrinkles

- Pooch Patrol

- Alley Katz

- Pound Puppies/Pound Purries

- Popples

- animal plushies

- Kitty Kitty Kittens

- Rose Petal Place (dolls)

- Rainbow Brite (dolls and plush)

- Strawberry Shortcake (dolls and pets)

- 80/90's Play Line Barbie

- Beanie Babies (looking to buy in lots, I can get them for $1 at local Goodwill. Or will trade Beanie for Beanie)

- Yum Yums

- Care Bear Cousin Braveheart Lion

Yeah, so basically what it says in my siggie, lol.  :P

I read you post i know this is old so i hope you have found all listed toys there are some
toy that i am find add in your list can you help me in finding.....?
from where you find you listed toys....?
i have visited a lot of sites and store but i can't find as i know you have experience because you have already found your toy list so help me to find cute plushies dragon ....?
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