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Author Topic: Ice Cream Dolls  (Read 8330 times)

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Ice Cream Dolls
« on: Friday 12 March 2010, 05:53 pm »
Clare sent in this picture a Groom Doll. He came with a Bride who had pink hair. Does anyone remember what they were called?

Thanks to Karen and Ru who both wrote to say this doll is from a series called Ice Cream Dolls produced by Wisconsin Toy Company in the mid 80's. They were recalled in 1988 due to choking hazards (they each came with a small ice-cream cone around their necks).

They came in various sizes up to 24 inches and had yarn hair. They were mass produced in many different styles and as such seemed to have no individual names. There were also a lot of knock-offs produced by various other companies.
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Re: Ice Cream Dolls
« Reply #1 on: Sunday 20 June 2010, 03:21 am »
The one posted might be a knockoff. I bought a huge 26" pink-haired girl today. Her label reads "Ice Cream Doll 1980 All rights reserved J. Shin Co. Inc. Elk Grove, IL"

She's wearing an unknown diaper that may not be hers, a child's onesie with the Broadway Kids label and SKU tag that definately isn't hers, a jean jacket with a picture of a doll on back that reads "what doll?" that is a 12M size, and a pink ruffled skirt from the Children's Place that belongs on an 18 month old to give you an idea of her size. At least I know her giant ice cream cone necklace is her's.

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Re: Ice Cream Dolls
« Reply #2 on: Friday 20 April 2012, 02:38 pm »
A-HA! This mystery is now solved!

See, Ice Cream Dolls were only manufactured with cloth bodies, but hard-bodied ones were sold as crafters' bases. I thought for a long time that this was a crafters' base doll with clothes somebody sewed on, but the OP said that he came that way. Then, today, I discovered this:

Tada! So as you see, he is actually a "Rainbow Kids" doll, not a true Ice Cream Doll after all.