Hector And Scamandrius: Iliad Book IV

I have seen fair Ilium safe this day.
My strong spear arm has kept her
Vanquished over dark waters many
Souls must now pay the final coin.

To the sounding sea my gaze is fixed.

I cannot play outside today.
Mummy is worried and her
Tears will not go away.
Tears are funny, like small
Rivers under eyelash trees.

Today I want to see horses,
But they have all gone out to play.

Where is daddy?

Here he is my fine boy.
My defence of Ilium and each
War cry sound in his every laugh.
Here too is my white-armed maid.
Shield for all sorrow thrusts, gentle
As forgiveness, and as hard as pride.

Tomorrow I may be doomed to die.

He scares me this man that
Reached out so tall and grim.
Has he hurt my horse for
His nodding bright helm?


It’s daddy. My daddy here!
Smiling down under horsehair.
His armour smells funny.
Hard and sun warm.

One day I’m going to be
Just as tall as him.

Why how you have grown
Fine Scamandrius.
My reason for joy and
Better by far than me.


Please give him my strength
And more besides than I.
His heart be light and free
His aim true and share plenty.
When the sun is born again
I know I must rise and leave.
The hearthstone will be cold
The rushes burnt, doors barred.

I know why I must fight.
What I have to leave.