Le Poete

Keats is swapping spittle
With obscene Beardsley
Whilst Poe touches Byron
For a look and a loan.
Thomas is under the table again,
Drunk as a dog with
Dripping Owen fingering
His lovely bullet hole.
Chatterton is late up,
Sleeping it off with
Rossetti, but lovely
Dickinson is weeping
And cannot bare the pain.

This upsets John who
Remembers going off
Somewhere hot and
Aubrey agrees that
Twenty-Five is just too
Young to go and die.
Edgar can’t remember
Just what happened,
Though George does
Not care for leeches.
Dylan butts in with
Whiskey but Thomas
Is twisting with Junkie Dante.
While Wilfred can’t get the
Blood to damn well stop.
Emily is still crying though
Just too tired to see the show.