Published in Issue 23 of Visionary Tongue, Winter 2007.

Issue six of what has to be the best (not to mention diverse) magazine of poetry and fiction I’ve read in a long time is a growing best, jammed to teeth which delightful verse with a fair smattering of intelligent fiction to further sweeten the mix.

A potent brew indeed, and one that really shows its grass roots origins, not only in the familiar poets barely contained in its pages, but by the editorial savvy that has gone into its accepted submissions. Many of the writers are active on the ‘open mic’ scene, and in that unforgiving battleground, you have to have some talent just to survive. It is also very telling that some that there is a great mix of more established writers and new muses placed together, but both a very high standard – so hats of to Robert and Susie.

Chimera is perfect bound, with glossy covers, so is robust enough to become your constant companion on your travels, as it will take you some time to distil the contents! The only minus point for me was the pretty dire illustrations by Lee Thomas – far to basic and abstract for a quality publication like this, but no doubt the best that was submitted if the general dearth of quality illustrators in the small press is to go by. Artists take note: The small press wants you!! Go on, by a copy!

Review by Jamie Spracklen