Published in Issue 24 of Visionary Tongue, Spring 2008.

Labour of Love is a poetry magazine from Canada and this issue is dedicated to a lady called Laurie Williams and includes a selection of her poetry.

LOL is a diverse mix of poetry, some striking artwork and photography with some longer articles and a short story. As usual with this type of well meaning publication, the quality is as diverse as the content, but LOL is a very smart looking glossy publication that really does live up to its name. Rarely for magazines today, VT was kindly sent some free review copies asking for networking help (which indeed used to be how small magazines used to exist) so hopefully some of the talented contributors in this issue will soon be appearing in LOL!

This is a well meaning, if slightly naïve publication with a hippy/pagan slant to it’s subject matter but is well worth a look.

Review by Jamie Spracklen