Published in Issue 23 of Visionary Tongue, Winter 2007.

A cracking book this, which features some truly talented surreal and fantastic artists, three of which have recently featured in the pages of Visionary Tongue (John BeinartLeo Plaw and our cover artist this issue, Steven Kenny). This hardback book is an essential guide to some of the finest artist out there in the fields covered in the book. Each artist is given several full colour pages that showcases their work to great effect, and whilst I would have personally liked to see more ‘visionary’ artwork included this is purely a personal preference.

As a handbook for current artists in these chosen fields, this is invaluable and I’m pleased to say that the artists I have contacted because of this resource have been very approachable, surely a worthwhile conclusion to a project such as this.

Well worth hunting down if you’ve enjoyed the featured artists from its pages in the last couple of issues of VT and top marks to Jon Beinart for organising the publication in the first place.

ISBN: 978-0-9803231-0-8

Review by Jamie Spracklen