Published in Issue 18 of Visionary Tongue, 2003.

In the side of a dune
a woman sits
she knits a glimmer of time
she hits fingers with blunt iron
drips the blood in the brine.

in the side of a fire
a woman’s hiss
is heard in the sizzle of the cistern
she listens for the hunger
waits days for the wound to inferm.

in the side of the sky
a woman’s bliss
growls low and deep and throaty
she bends in the presence of shadow
a gift from within, emoted.

in the side of a mirror reflection
a woman’s rough-tongued kiss
on the hot skin of supplication
on the eve of the morrow where enemies hide
on the words of powered invocation.

in the side of her left ventricle
a woman’s claw from a lioness paw
blood pumping from a hand broken–
blood boiling from a Goddess Rage
blood taken from enemies, a token:

In the side of a dune
an old woman sits
a prayer leaving her lips
as the goddess leaves her cold
The price is high; the wish is old:
And death came to all her foes.

In the side of a dune
a woman sits clinging
to life as the stars blanket her
winking a knowing eyes, a thought
as the solar wind steals her breath
golden arms press her close

to a warm, lion fur breast

© Rain Graves

“For my entire life, for as far back as I can remember, I wanted to be a rockstar. I played guitar and sang when I lived on the east coast for about ten years, and when I moved to California in 1995, the first thing on my mind was making it big in music. Instead, I began to write – seriously write.”

Ms. Graves has published “Blood of a Black Bird”, a poetry and prose collection through Mystyque Press in 2000, which has an introduction by legendary horror writer, John Shirley. She has the novel “The Gossamer Eye”, co-written w/ Mark McLaughlin and David N. Wilson scheduled for publication with Meisha Merlin in 2002, as well as the novel, “The Mosiquios” that she is currently putting the finishing touches on for a well-known mass market press. She is also working with legendary horror artist GAK on a graphic novel tentatively titled “Modern Monsters” due for release as soon as they get it done.
She is the poetry editor for the award winning ezine, Gothic. Net, and has received an Honourable Mention in Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling’s Years Best Fantasy and Horror (vol.14). She has been published in such magazines as Cemetery Dance, Twilight Tales, The Urbanite, Black Petals and Gauntlet Magazine.
Ms. Graves is a serious tango dancer and has won many competitions. She routinely travels to Buenos Aries, Argentina, when that country’s political climate will allow, competing in dance compositions.
Visionary Tongue welcomes back Ms Graves and the chance it has given us to enjoy her excellent poetry once more.