Memory Benches :: Marine Parade, Leigh on Sea [Part 1]

There are twenty one benches with memorial plaques along Marine Parade between Tattersall Gardens and Thames Drive.

Following the map below from left to right, the first bench is situated on its own, overlooking a view of Hadleigh Castle. There are then four benches walking from Tattersall Gardens towards Marine Close and one nicely kept bench set slightly on its own. Coming up to Marine Close, there are two benches facing out towards Southend followed by one facing in towards Hadleigh, then another facing back out. There are then six benches which start opposite Marine Close, on the way to Belton Way West, followed by the last five as the walk come up to the traffic lights.

The Benches

    1. Sylvia Gladys & John William Richards
    2. Iris & John Miller
    3. Ken & Dorothy Aimer
    4. Doris & Don McDonnell
    5. Jack Griffiths & John Griffiths
    6. Cliff & Betty Webster
    7. Maisie & Harry King
    8. Richard Alexander & Grace Nelson Selby
    9. Florence (Dolly) & George William Johnson
    10. Christine Sewell
    11. Kate & Bob Jacobs
    12. Jim Theobald
    13. Gwen & Sid Bailey
    14. Marjorie Corbishley
    15. O’Shea & Wainwright Families
    16. Vivian Morrison Marshall & Mary Patricia Marshall
    17. Christina Riddell
    18. Deborah Curtis-Wiggins
    19. Mike Bishop
    20. Bertha Louisa Ayres
    21. Frank (Jimmy) & Kathleen Humphries

The Views

I sat on each bench and took a photo of the view to be had. These travel left to right along the estuary.

The Walk

Photos taken along the way.