Updates to Ancestry DNA Origins [Aug 2019]

AncestryDNA updated their genetic origins again in Aug 2019 (not sure why it’s taken me so long to take a look!). The only notable change in my own results is Germanic Europe has now been replaced by Norway.

Current Estimate Previous Estimate
England, Wales & Northwestern Europe 77% England, Wales & Northwestern Europe 75%
East of England East of England
East Anglia East Anglia
Ireland & Scotland 10% Germanic Europe 10%
Norway 9% Ireland & Scotland 9%
Baltics 2% France 4%
France 2% Baltic States 2%

With my mums results, her previous 100% England, Wales and Northwest Europe estimate has reduced to 95%, with the remaining 5% now going to Germanic Europe. My brothers results show the same thing, loosing 2% from England etc, (now at 91%) and 1% from Ireland/Scotland (now at 6%), with the remaining 3% now showing up as Germanic. Germanic Europe has also risen with my paternal half-aunts estimates from 4% to 16% (and she lost Sweden all together).

It’s interesting that I am the only one in my family to loose the Germanic link, which I originally thought was paternal but now looks to be maternal.

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