Updates to Ancestry DNA Origins [Jun 2019]

AncestryDNA have just updated their genetic origins (June 2019), adding dozens of new communities and taking the total in the UK to 73. How does that change things with my own and other family members ethnicity results?

In my own results, England, Wales & Northwestern Europe has dropped by 10%, from 85% to 75%, and one UK community has been with one specific area included: East of England: East Anglia. East of England covers Essex, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and east Huntingdonshire. East Anglia specifically covers Norfolk, Suffolk and east Essex.

Ireland & Scotland as risen slightly from 2% to 9%.

Europe South, Europe East and Europe West no longer exist as regions with AncestryDNA, having become much more specific. I now have Germanic Europe at 10%, France at 4% and Baltic States at 2%.

Iberian Peninsula also no longer exists as a region, but has not been replaced with anywhere more specific in my results. Scandinavia has now been separated into Denmark and Sweden, but Norway doesn’t seem to be covered by any region for some reason. I no longer have any of these areas in my results, which were only minute before anyway.

Current Estimate Previous Estimate
England, Wales & Northwestern Europe 75% England, Wales & Northwestern Europe 85%
East of England Ireland & Scotland 2%
East Anglia Europe West 1%
Germanic Europe 10% Iberian Peninsula <1%
Ireland & Scotland 9% Scandinavia <1%
France 4%
Baltic States 2%

My mother‘s estimates have changed from 70% England, Wales & Northwestern Europe to 100%, with three specific regions now included:

  • Greater London, England (Middlesex, Buckinghamshire, west Hertfordshire and south Bedfordshire)
  • East of England (Huntingdonshire, east Bedfordshire, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, and Norfolk)
  • Central Southern England (Hampshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Dorset, Gloucestershire and Somerset)
Current Estimate Previous Estimate
England, Wales & Northwestern Europe 100% England, Wales & Northwestern Europe 70%
Greater London, England Ireland/Scotland/Wales 8%
East of England Europe West 6%
Central Southern England Europe South 6%
Scandinavia 5%
Europe East 3%
Caucasus <1%

My brothers estimates have changed from 58% England, Wales & Northwestern Europe to 93%, and the rest now being Ireland & Scotland (7%). All other parts of Europe are now eliminated, just like mum. This points to my links with Germanic Europe, France and the Baltic States as being paternal in origin. He two UK regions, with one pinpointed. I have East of England>East Anglia, but not Greater London.

Current Estimate Previous Estimate
England, Wales & Northwestern Europe 93% England, Wales & Northwestern Europe 58%
East of England Ireland & Scotland 11%
East Anglia Scandinavia 11%
Greater London, England Europe West 10%
Ireland & Scotland 7% Europe South 5%
Europe East 3%
Finland 2%
Iberian Peninsula <1%

My half aunt‘s results (via my paternal grandmother) have altered quite a bit.

England, Wales & Northwestern Europe has risen significantly from just 2% to a whopping 81%! She now also has a specific UK region with two pinpointed areas. Originally her largest ethnicity estimate was for Europe West at 64%, so this is quite a change all round.

Sweden, Germanic Europe and Norway have taken over from all other areas, adding up the remaining 19%.

Current Estimate   Previous Estimate
England, Wales & Northwestern Europe 81% Europe West 64%
East of England Scandinavia 19%
East Anglia Europe South 7%
Norfolk Finland/Northwest Russia 5%
Sweden 12% Iberian Peninsula 2%
Germanic Europe 4% England, Wales & Northwestern Europe 2%
Norway 3% European Jewish <1%
Ireland/Scotland/Wales <1%
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