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"So many different kinds of Quints to collect and love!"

Quints were produced by Tyco in the early 1990's. They were a series of tiny quints dolls with loads of accessoires, fashions and playsets to collect. There were also sets of teenage doll triplets to babysit the quints, who had fashions and playsets of their own.

They were sold in the US, UK and other parts of Europe under varying names:

  • UK & US: Quints
  • Italy: Bidibodi

Images on this page thanks to various eBay sellers or from the Tyco Quints Booklet!

Cousins Dolls

"Triplet babysitters for the Quints. When they hug side by side they make one cool picture. They're 3-in-1 fun!"

There were four different sets of Triplets. Each set came with three outfits and pairs of shoes, hanger for three, stand for three and a comb (the same comb design used for Tyco's Fabulous Hair Friends). I think that these are all the variations of hair colour there were produced.

3-in-1 Flag

3-in-1 Hearts

3-in-1 Rainbow

3-in-1 Sunset

Cousins Fashion

"3-in-1 Fashion Fun!"

There were five sets of fashion for the cousins.

Ballet Pretty Batters Up

Sun 'n Swim Sweet Dreams

3 Cheers

Cousins Playsets

"3-in-1 Fun!"

There were five playsets for the cousins, plus two which may not have been produced for sale.

Bicycle Built for 3

Care 'n Curl Salon

Fashion Closet for 3

Ice Cream Stand for 3

Shopping Cart for 3

I haven't been able to find images of these two items so perhaps they weren't sold in many countries. Keri confirmed that the Sleepover Bed for 3 was sold in South Africa and she still owns it!

  • Sleepover Bed for 3 - Under the main bed is a pull out bed for the Quints.
  • Triple Fun Ponies

For Sale

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