Welcome to Powder Monki!

In my shop you will find handmade retro badges/magnets and retro keyrings, as well as other craft items including jewellery, makeup bags, sparkly badges and greeting cards.

My blog is for places I go, things I find and stuff I make. I have a love of photography, am a self taught web designer and a keen genealogist.

Along side Powder Monki, I run a 1980’s-90’s toy collectors website called Ghost of the Doll, a website for retro ads and catalogue scans called Retro Musings, and my genealogy site Tracing Ghosts.


  • Ponies, Zelfs & Mermaids
    I found a few little things on my way home from work Wednesday, though admittedly the plush My Little Pony isn't that little! I also found a very played with small MLP, a Zelf, and Splash DVD.
  • Thank Wally, It’s Anti-Static Mrs Mills!
    I've had quite a dry run of late where charity shops are concerned, so was determined to buy something a few weekends back no matter what! I came up trumps with five LP's and an (empty) WHSmiths anti static turntable mat sleeve.
  • Stamp Collecting ~ Game Of Thrones
    The Game Of Thrones stamps were released 23rd Jan 2018. I pre-ordered both the presentation pack and the stamp sheet set and eagerly awaited their delivery. Then promptly forgot about them until they landed on my doormat!
  • Stamp Collecting ~ Classic Toys
    The Classic Toys stamps were released in August 2017 and feature ten different British toys, many of which I owned (a few I still do).
  • The Kitty Who Kicked Big Men
    A few little finds this week. Tuesday took me over to Rayleigh for my annual teeth scraping, where afterwards I rummaged through various charity shops little toy baskets and came away with a few cute items. Then Wednesday after work I purchased four books and three movies.
  • Stamp Collecting ~ Ladybird Books
    Mr Men books by Roger Hargreaves were and remain to this day one of my favourite series childhood books. Yet somehow I managed to miss the release of Mr Men stamps, which came out on 20th October 2016.

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