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In my shop you will find handmade retro badges/magnets and retro keyrings, as well as other craft items including jewellery, makeup bags, sparkly badges and greeting cards.

My blog is for places I go, things I find and stuff I make. I have a love of photography, am a self taught web designer and a keen genealogist.

Along side Powder Monki, I run a 1980’s-90’s toy collectors website called Ghost of the Doll, a website for retro ads and catalogue scans called Retro Musings, and my genealogy site Tracing Ghosts.


  • Charity Shop Buys [July 8th 2017]
    A trip down the road to the woodyard, then into the charity shop on the way back got me 9m of wood and these! A new Geoff Love LP, three 78's, two knitting books with "interesting" fashion, and a Beatrix Potter book.
  • Charity Shop Buys [July 1st 2017]
    The weekend away visiting the folks scored me four kids annuals, a book on fashion and a Taschen book of 1940's adverts.
  • Charity Shop Buys [Jun 2017]
    I came back with an excellent hoard of goodies from my local charity shop a short while back for about £3.20, including records, books and dolls.
  • Random Bead Earrings
    My mum gave me a selection of beads a few weeks back to turn into earrings for her, and I finally got around to it yesterday!
  • Roman Baths
    It had been abut ten years since I last did the touristy thing in Bath, so visited the Roman Baths, Museum of Fashion and the Victoria Gallery on a special ticket thingy.
  • “From Here To There” Exhibition by Bath Textile Artists
    I was lucky enough to visit an exhibition by the Bath Textile Artists whilst visiting Corsham back in March called "From Here To There". I found it very inspirational and took a few photos for my own records.

Retro Musings

  • Lambretta ~ Scooter Calenders [1967-1970]

    These images are from the Italian Lambretta calendars dating from 1967-70. Each year featured a different model throughout, including Jean Shrimpton, Claudine Auger, Marisa Mell and Raffaella Carrà. […]

  • Movie Adverts [1945]

    "A lady of fire and ice... A rogue of steel and gallantry." These magazine ads for movies are all from 1945. […]

  • Fresh ~ Deodorant Adverts [1946-1950]

    "Be lovely to love." These ads for Fresh deodorant are from 1946-50. The design changed very little over the years, always featuring a kissing couple wearing glamorous evening attire. […]