Welcome to Powder Monki!

In my shop you will find handmade retro badges/magnets and retro keyrings, as well as other craft items including jewellery, makeup bags, sparkly badges and greeting cards.

My blog is for places I go, things I find and stuff I make. I have a love of photography, am a self taught web designer and a keen genealogist.

Along side Powder Monki, I run a 1980’s-90’s toy collectors website called Ghost of the Doll, a website for retro ads and catalogue scans called Retro Musings, and my genealogy site Tracing Ghosts.


  • Charity Shop Buys [Sep 23rd 2017]
    I found three items today in charity shops in Rayleigh on Saturday, including a Care Bears pomander, a Once Upon A Zombie doll, and Educating Rita.
  • Charity Shop Buys [Sep 20th 2017]
    Found in the Salvation Army charity shop this afternoon on my way home from work, Subbuteo from 1991 for £3.00! Unfortunately the fabric pitch was missing, but there was a scoreboard set and pamphlet in its place. I also found an additional England team for £1.00.
  • Charity Shop Buys [Aug 26th 2017]
    I took a few items down the road to a local charity shop last weekend (some books and a green bow-tie) and came back with more than I dropped off! I found a Fisher Price plane, Waynes World 1 & 2, My Little Pony pot & Equestria Girls doll, plus a couple of CD's.
  • Charity Shop Buys [Aug 18th 2017]
    I came back with a good selection of charity shop purchases a couple of weeks back (plus a couple of new). The haul included disco and indie music, Hello Kitty, My Little Pony, Grimm's Fairy Tales, Strawberry Shortcake, pirates and glitter!
  • Charity Shop & Second-Hand Buys [Aug 3rd 2017]
    My most recent charity shop/second-hand purchases include Mr Men, Worzel Gummidge, Culture Club and an Elvis Chatimals. Sounds like the makings of a good night out!
  • Iford Manor “The Peto Garden”, Bradford On Avon, Wiltshire
    Iford Manor, situated between Bath and Bradford-On-Avon, has some wonderful grounds with an Italian-style garden. The manor was home to architect and designer Harold Peto from 1899-1933, who created the gardens.

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