Secret Keepins

"Plush pups keep secrets safe just for little girls!"

Secret Keepins were produced by Kenner in 1994-95. They were a series of plush animals with a large plastic jewel-like disk on their tummies which hid a secret compartment inside, opened by a key attached to the disk's front.

Images on this page thanks to Pranceatron, Brent and eBay seller Delicious Steals!


There were three puppies produced, and possible two kittens and one bear cub. They each had jewel noses and different types of hair tufts.

"Plush pups keep secrets safe just for little girls! Charm snaps off tummy and becomes a key to open secret hiding place! Girls put their favourite thing in tummy hiding place for safekeeping! Each pup comes with key charm and special gift charm bracelet for girls to wear!"

Secret Keepins

Secret Keepins Secret Keepins Secret Keepins Secret Keepins
Purple Pup White Pup Pink Pup

Here's a close up of the key.

Secret Keepins
Pink Pup's Key


"Two cute kitties and an adorable bear join the cuddly lineup! Beautiful new colours for '95! Tummy charm becomes key that opens secret hiding place! Animals each feature a key charm and "

I'm unsure if these three animals were ever produced as they've never been seen anywhere other than in the catalogue image.

Secret Keepins

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