Bea Walker-John – Cover Art


Chris Amies – In That Unquiet Earth

Mhairian Trevelyan – Phlogiston

Chris Green – Dying for It

Tanya Brown – A Light in the Garden

Tina Rath – Of Shadow Fire and the Many
Tina Rath – The Boleithen Experiment

Sapphire Aurora – Love Me To Death

Anahita Rain – Dark in the Day


Steve Miscandlon – Untitled

Sian Kingstone – Storm

Simon Satori Hendley – A Traveller Meets One of the Minotaur’s Younger Brothers
Simon Satori Hendley – Damaged Fruit

Sue Whiting – Double Exposure

Jamie Spracklen – Penetration

IHanna Jarvinen – Saiah 14:12