Unknown Artist – Cover Art

Russell Dickerson– Inner Art

Russell Dickerson’s art has appeared worldwide throughout the small and mid-range press. His art has been featured in Roadworks, Cemetery Dance, Wicked Hollow and many more. He has done cover work for Undaunted Press, Catalyst Books, Silver Lake Publishing and others.

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“Providing this issues compelling artwork, Russell has managed to capture just the right note of infamy and fear and loathing that we require here at Visionary Tongue.”

Jamie Spracklen, VT Editor


Michael S Dod – Song of the Siren

Rain O’Brian – Victoria

Ian R Titus – Of Memories & Shadows

Featured Poet

Erin Donahoe – Wings
Erin Donahoe – Magic
Erin Donahoe – Waking To The Moon


Rain Graves – Sekhmet

Rhys Hughes – A Single Soul

Durlabh Singh – Spells
Durlabh Singh – Obtaka The Magician

Uncle River – Spiritual Orphans


Fiona Glass – Appearances Can Deceive


Michael Lohr – Skull Surfing The Second Wave: An Interview with writers Jason Brannon, Eric S. Brown and John Grover