Ruby – Cover


Simon Williams – Ivy

Fiona McGavin – Roses

Mhairian Trevelyan – Thus Spake Verethragna

Anne P Hewland – Sustenance

Helen Knibb – Still Life

Jan Smith – The Time of Her Life

John Drinkall – Prelude to a Challenge

Tony Prior – The Plunder of Siuda Reyes

Unknown Author – The Dominion of Corruption

Jason Gould – The King of Hearts and the Jack of Frowns


Andrew Kenworthy – Loving Shows
Andrew Kenworthy – The Last Days of Judgement

Joey Froelich – Scene from a Bad Dream
Joey Froelich – Nightgown

Jason Gould – Born of Mud

Marise Morland-Chapman – Earth Trilogy

Helen Knibb – Revenant


Chris Fowler – Creative Horror Writing
Chris Fowler – Course Enrolment Here: Secrets Revealed for Free