Published in Issue 27 of Visionary Tongue, Autumn 2011.

‘The Impact of Idling’ is Kerry’s first printed collection of her fabulous artwork, launched with a selection of pictures exhibited in the London Open Doors Exhibition W13 (28 Galloway Road, W12 OPJ, and is published by our own Visionary Tongue Press. As you will see from our beautiful cover this issue, Kerry’s work is inspirational and aims to capture ‘…fleeting fragments of ordinary, banal moments; instants in time taken for granted and gone forever in a heartbeat.’ If the ten full colour reproductions of Kerry’s work are anything to go by, then in this she succeeds completely, but also within this collection we are treated with something more, as interlaced with the picture are the raw observational notes Kerry makes which work in tandem with her visual record for capturing the un-remarked movement.

Without doubt an artist to watch, and with a limited number of this collection currently available exclusively from Visionary Tongue Magazine, an opportunity surely you cannot miss!

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Review by Jamie Spracklen