This page contains a compellation of sites I've used to research various toys as well as links forum members have submitted in the Toy Website Links board.

There are also links to various sale sites, other toy forums and toy manufacturers websites.

At the bottom you will find links to my other websites (my art and design site Powder Monki and my genealogy site Tracing Ghosts), plus links to other websites I've designed.

There are also links featured on each toy page where I have used other peoples images, so check out those too!

I'm more thank happy to add links to relevent sites, just contact me.

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My Other Websites

Powder Monki
As well as retro badges and magnets and keyrings, I also sell secondhand toys.

Tracing Ghosts
My family history and UK genealogical research (I'm available for hire at very resonable prices!)

Retro Musings
Vintage ads, catalogue scans and more!

Specific Toys :: Mainly Dolls

Baby Buddies

Baby Face


Cabbage Patch Kids


Cherry Merry Muffin


Cutie Club


Glamour Gals

Golden Girl and the Guardians of the Gemstones



Lady Lovely Locks

Li'l Miss

Little Kiddles

Little Mermaid

Mimi & the Goo Goos

Moon Dreamers

My Little Angel

My Pretty Mermaids

Polly Pocket

Popcorn Pretties

Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders


Rainbow Brite

Rose Petal Palace

Sea Wees

She Ra: Princess of Power

Specific Toys :: Mainly Animals

Barbie Horses

Bitsy Bears


Busy Bears of Hippty Hollow

Care Bears

Carousel Collection

Enchanted Kingdom

Fairy Tails

Fantasy Fillies

Fashion Star Fillies

Furrever Friends

Glo Friends

Grand Champions Horses



Kitty Kitty Kittens

Lady LovelyLocks

Littlest Pet Shop

Little Pretty

Magic Meadow Ponies

Maple Town

Monster In My Pocket


My Little Ponies :: G1

My Little Pony :: G2

My Little Pony :: Fakies



Pocket Critters


Precious Places

Puppy In My Pocket (etc.)





Surprise Pets / Friends

Tea Bunnies

Were Bears

Mixed Dolls

Kaylee's Korner of Collectible Dolls -
An informational site with decades of dolls from the 20th century.

Retro Dolls -
Restore and display your favourite fashion doll.

Kay's Doll Collection -
Kay's & Lyne's Doll Collection -

Doll Reference -
A guide to doll collecting and identifying dolls from the 1800's to 1970's.

Dara's Tribute to Female Action Figures -
Princess of Power, Fairies of Cottingley Glen, Tenko and the Guardians of the Magic, Winx Club Charmix, Dream Dancers, Princess Gwenevere/Starla and the Jewel Riders, Golden Girl and the Guardians of the Gemstone, Galaxie Girl, Beauties of Nature, Galaxy Adventure Girl, Heroines of the Enchanted Empire, Butterfly Woman, Defensoras de Mundo, Goddess of the Ultra Cosmos, Goddess of Wonder

Figure Archive -
Action Figures (and related playsets) are this archive's main focus, but it also includes numerous dolls, robots, and fast-food toys.

Dolmama's Den -
An online resource for collectible dolls from the past to the present.

The world of Petra, Sindy and Barbie Dolls -
Petra - Sindy - Barbie + Unknown Vintage Fashion Dolls

Mixed Dolls & Other Toys

Fakie Spaceman (formally Tabby's Site -
Fairy Tail Birds - Furrever Friends - Keypers - 'Koosas - Lady Lovely Locks  - Little Pretty  - Littlest Pet Shop - Magic Meadow Ponies - Precious Places  - Puffalumps  - Purrtenders  - Smooshees  - Tea Bunnies

Timeless Trinkets "Collectors Corner"
Strawberry Shortcake - Care Bears - Smurfs - Snorks

This Old Toy
Fisher Price toys.

80s Toy Sale
Popples - Rainbow Brite - Keypers - Glo Friends

Old Toys Online
Lists and images of lots of different toys and their accessories.

Toy Collection
Care Bears - Cherry Merry Muffin - Cupcakes - Strawberry Shortcake - Snugglebumms - Glo Friends - Golden Girl - Jem and the Holograms - Keypers -
Lady Lovely Locks - Masters of the Universe - My little Pony - Moon Dreamers - Popples - Rainbow Brite - She-Ra Princess of Power- + Others

Maria's Mythingtoys Page [archived, slow to load and not all links work]
Wonder Whims - - Fairies of Cottingley Glen - Fairywinkles - Fuzzy Buzzies - Blinkins - Kindles - My Magic Kissing Dragon -
Happy Ness: The Secret of the Loch - Tea Bunnies - SnuggleBumms - Pirates of Dark Water - Germs by Worlds of Wonder

Starluck's 80's Nostalgia Page
Care Bears - Herself the Elf - Labyrinth - Moon Dreamers - My Little Pony - Rainbow Brite -
Sea Wees - Shimmers - Strawberry Shortcake - The Dark Crystal - The Last Unicorn - Unico

Fast Food Toys

Kathy's Fast Food Toys [archived]

Discover the World of Kinder Surprise

Kinder Hobby

Jukate Collection

TV, Cartoons & Comics ect.


Retro Reprints

Colouring books.

The Online Television Museum.



GI Joe [archived]

Crown Combo

Branded in the 80s
Search for old eBay auctions, use concise key words.

Toys For Sale

A mixture of personal and business sales sites, in no particular order:

Little Toys for Big Kids -
"Looking for toys, books or collectibles? Then you have come to the right place! With hundreds of items in stock every day and many more to be listed, I might just have exactly what you are looking for. Purchase multiple items and save money in shipping and special store discounts."

Fran's House of Dolls and Toys -
Treasures of yesterday, today and tomorrow!

Karen's Toys -
A vintage and modern doll and toy shop.

Prancetron Toys -
Canadian website selling dolls, toys and action figures.

Nile Perch -
Japanese website with load of 1980's toys for sale and more!

Quiltpapins  -
Japanese website with load of 1980's toys for sale and more!

Dennis Collectable Dolls and Toys -

Dolls Bears Items -

2000 Collectable Toys -
Japanese website with load of 1980's toys for sale and more!

Tons of Toys -
Vintage and collectable toys.

Disco's 80's Toysale -

The Magic Toy Box Online -

Toyz Dollz Toy Shop -

The Earth Collectable Toy Mall -

Alivias Toys
A moms toys site selling 1980s collectible toys, discontinued toys plus more!

Dawn Dolls Plus-

Pinky Toys -
Italian website.

Japanese website with load of toys for sale.

Toy Manufacturer Related Site

Toy Arts -
Timeline of Toy Companies

Trademarkia -
Search engine for trademarks and companies.

Cached websites using
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Toy Catalogues & Instruction Manuals

Wishbook -

Hasbro -

Toy Forums

Retrojunk -

Retroland -

The 80's Server -

80s Toyland -

My Little Pony Fan-World -

Fantasy Horses Message Board -

For Sale