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Places I go. Things I make. Photos I take.

In my shop you will find a huge selection of Retro Badges, Magnets and Keyrings which are made on a per order basis.

My handmade sparkly and floral badges, makeup bags, jewellery and greeting cards are one-off items created when the mood takes me!

Custom Badges, Magnets & Keyrings
You’re sure to find something you love here, but can I also make custom items from your own images if you have something else in mind. See the Custom Design section for more details.

Photos I Take

I love photography and have taken pictures of plants and places ever since I got my first camera.

  • Day Trip to Colchester, Essex
    A day trip to Colchester included the ruins of St Botolph's Priory, the Castle Museum, Hollytrees Museum and a walk along the river (then pub!). […]
  • St Michael’s Cemetery, Bath
    I finally got around to taking some more photographs in St Michael's Cemetery, Bath when I was back visiting the folks last year after lock down lifted again. Hidden at the back were bushes laden with ripe blackberries, which mummy I went back to pick later that evening. […]
  • My Garden [Mar 19 2022]
    I woke up to a beautiful sunny morning and felt inspired to take a few photographs of the newly awakening early spring plants. […]
  • Botanical Gardens, Royal Victoria Park, Bath [Dec 2021]
    Photographs taken in the Botanical Gardens in the Royal Victoria Park, Bath. The first thirteen I took just as the sun was going down, and the last I took the following morning just as it started to rain. […]
  • My Garden [Oct 17 2021]
    It was time to cut down the sunflowers down today to collect the seeds for next year, but there are still a few lovely dahlia's blooming holding onto that last bit of summer colour. […]
  • Hadleigh Great Wood, Essex [Oct 10 2021]
    The light was quite low during our jaunt around Hadleigh Woods on Sunday afternoon, but I managed to capture a few unblurred photos of the beginnings of autumn. […]
  • Hot Air Balloons Over Bath
    A party of nine hot air balloon set off from the park by my folks house when I was back visiting, and I was quick out with the camera! […]
  • Locksbrook Cemetery, Bath
    I used to walk through Locksbrook Cemetery in Bath on my way to and from school most days for several years. It took you off the main road for a little while, and silenced the sound of cars. Mum and I walked through there on our way back from charity shopping and I took a few photographs. […]
  • Mum’s Garden [Sep 2021]
    Mum's tiny garden is always packed with beautiful plans and flowers, and there was still much to admire in early September. […]
  • Hadleigh Walks [Aug 27 2021]
    A few photos taken along the mud path of Fitzwilliam Road in Hadleigh (aka Piggery Lane). […]
  • Hadleigh Great Wood, Essex [Aug 06 2021]
    Photos taken on my walk around Hadleigh Great Wood in Essex in early August 2021. […]

Things I Make

When the mood takes, I create.

  • Lucite & Filigree Floral Beaded Necklaces
    I made these lucite and filigree floral beaded necklaces back in 2013 but for some reason never got around to adding them to my shop. […]
  • Flyer Design for Bath Guild Of Embroiderers
    This is the third time I have designed the flyers for Bath Guild Of Embroiderers summer exhibition, of which my mum is a member (and creator of the artwork used on the flyer). […]
  • Baby Dresses to Pencil Cases
    Last week I bought two little baby dresses for 50p each with the idea of turning them into pencil cases as a present for my mum's birthday. I surprised myself by getting straight onto it, and even made myself on too! […]
  • Ribbon & Bead Hoop Decorations
    Just before Christmas, I created some tree decorations using memory wire, ribbon and beads. Mine ended up on the cheese plant. […]
  • Random Bead Earrings
    My mum gave me a selection of beads a few weeks back to turn into earrings for her, and I finally got around to it yesterday! […]
  • Potato Print Bird Cards
    Sometimes I feel inspired to make my own arty Christmas cards, and last year I created these potato print birdies with real feather tails. They came out slightly more sinister than I meant them to be! […]
  • Beaded Peyote & Resin Brooch
    This was a special present I made for my mum for her birthday. The outside is peyote stitched beads and the inside is a resin dome I made a white back. […]
  • Bejewelled Mosaic Coasters
    My first attempt at making coasters from my ever growing pile of tile samples! […]
  • Passport Wedding Invites
    Four months back I had the pleasure of designing the wedding invites for my boyfriend's nephew and his betrothed. Georgia set the brief of a blue passport, boarding pass and luggage label as the template, I designed it and my boyfriend printed it. They came out really well and I can't wait the the reception next month! […]
  • Beaded Peyote Necklace
    Last year I made my mum a couple of pairs of earrings for her birthday, one pair of which turned out slightly bigger than I expected. After a few months procrastination, I turned said earrings into a necklace and it became this year's birthday present instead! […]
  • Slightly Odd Arty Collage Badges
    These badges were so much fun to do, although rather fiddly and time consuming. I made them a couple of years ago, put them in a pot and promptly forgot about them until now. […]