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In my shop you will find a huge selection of Retro Badges, Magnets and Keyrings which are made on a per order basis.

My handmade sparkly and floral badges, makeup bags, jewellery and greeting cards are one-off items created when the mood takes me!

Custom Badges, Magnets & Keyrings
You’re sure to find something you love here, but can I also make custom items from your own images if you have something else in mind. See the Custom Design section for more details.

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My Garden [Dec 2009]

My Garden [Dec 2009]

Photos taken in my garden during December, ranging from autumnal insects to mid-winter snow.[...]

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  • My Garden [22nd Jun 2024]
    All the flowers and leaves were looking very pretty and sparkly after an itty bitty shower this morning. […]
  • The Imaginary Boy
    Inspired by the imagery invoked in the lyrics from "Three Imaginary Boys" by The Cure, I wondered what would happen if I placed whole sentences into an AI image generator with a few of my own tried and tested creative prompts. The results at first were nothing like I was expecting or wanted but after running through several different ideas I slowly filtered down to a few specific words from the lyrics with my now-altered creative prompts and began to see some wonderful images appearing. […]
  • Luna Visage
    I really enjoy the process of starting with one idea and following it through to see where it will lead. I began by trying to create an image of a face sewn onto the moon which was harder to achieve than I thought. I tried many different combinations of prompts and although none are quite what I had in mind to begin with I'm happy with the results. […]
  • Weirdy Egg Bunny
    I created some weirdy egg-bunny images just in time for Easter! […]
  • A Colluvies of Cake
    A collection of dubiously decorated cakes. […]
  • Zombeautification
    Beauty and fashion for the undead. […]
  • St Michael’s Cemetery, Bath, Somerset [Dec 2022]
    Photographs taken in St Michael's Cemetery, Bath, Somerset on 11th Dec 2022 just after a fresh snow fall. […]
  • Botanical Gardens, Royal Victoria Park, Bath [Dec 2022]
    Photographs taken in the Botanical Gardens, Bath on 8th Dec 2022. Crunchy, frosted leaves underfoot. […]
  • Mushroom Hunting in Pound Wood, Daws Heath, Essex [Oct 2022]
    We made a special trip to Pound Wood in Daws Heath at the weekend to find fungus, and were not disappointed! The ground was carpeted with horse chestnuts and the trees were raining acorns. […]