Cherry Merry Muffin :: 1st Series Playsets

"Sweet smelling world of muffin magic!"

Cherry Merry Muffin were produced in 1988-1990 by Mattel and were 6.5 inches high dolls, scented like their names (like Strawberry Shortcake). Along with the dolls and their accessories, there were also playsets, fashion wear and miniatures made.

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1st Series Playsets

There were seven food themed playsets produced for the full sized the Cherry Merry Muffin dolls: four in the 1st series and three more in the 2nd series. There was also one unproduced playset due for release with the 3rd series but it never happened.

There were four playsets produced in the 1st series (1988/89):

There were colour variations of the little accessories included with most, if not all, playsets.

Mix 'n Wash

"Fantasy cooking play was never so fun as with the Cherry Merry Muffin Mix ‘N Wash playset! This dual play playset includes a cute muffin sink that holds lots of play dishes... and magically becomes a mixing bowl that really works! Over 20 play food and serving pieces provide hours of mixing and washing fun with Cherry Merry Muffin dolls."

There were twenty three pieces in this deluxe playset.

Pour 'n Chill

"Pour ‘N Chill milk carton turns into a refrigerator stocked with goodies."

There were colour variations of the little accessories.

Snack 'n Serve

"Snack 'N Serve muffin mix box turns into a tea party table complete with teapot, cups, and saucers."

There were colour variations of the little accessories.

Time 'n Bake

"Time ‘N Bake pretend timer is also an oven full of cookies, cakes, and a baking tray."

There were colour variations of the little accessories.

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