She-Ra :: Dolls [1984]

"The most exciting and powerful woman in the universe!"

She-Ra: Princess of Power toys were produced by Mattel from 1984-87. Each doll was 5-1/2 inches tall with brushable hair and came with various clothing and accessories. There were also winged horses which the dolls could ride along with several other animals, playsets, fashions and many other accessories for little girls to use plus an animated cartoon series. The line was discontinued in 1987.

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Dolls [1984]

"High in the clouds, in the land of Etheria in Crystal Castle! lives the beautiful Princess Adora. When danger threatens, she transforms into She-Ra the Princess of Power, the most exciting and powerful woman in the universe! She and her friends must use their magical powers against their jealous enemy, Catra."

There were nine figures produced in 1984, seven goodies (including the one and only male character), one baddie and one owl figure.

Every doll in the first series came with a light pink comb and a mini-comic and various pieces of clothing. They all had painted-on bodices, boots and cuffs and some had painted-on leggings too.

"Each of these Princess of Power dolls has a different look, a unique personality and a special action feature."

She-Ra Angella Bow Castaspella Catra

Double Trouble Glimmer Frosta Kowl


"Princess Andora becomes She-Ra, most powerful woman in the universe! "

  • Iridescent Red Cape
  • White Net Skirt
  • Head Crown
  • Gold Shield
  • Gold Sword
  • Pink Comb
  • Mini-comic 'The Story of She-ra'
  • A promotional She-Ra was also available which included a free child-sized necklace.


"Angelic winged guide! Her wings can flap open and closed!"

  • Pink Net Pantaloons
  • Pink Wings (opened when halo on top pressed)
  • Pink Comb
  • Mini-comic "Journey to Mizar"


"Special friend who helps She-Ra! His heart can 'beat' for She-Ra!"

  • Red Cape
  • Chest Armour (button on back made red heart on front beat when pressed)
  • Gold Headband
  • Gold Bow with Quiver of Arrows
  • Mini-comic "The Hidden Symbols Mystery"


"Enchantress who hypnotises! Her hypnotising disk can spin!"

Castaspella was released with several different designs of boots painted on her legs including one with solid yellow boots and one with lightning bolts.

  • Yellow Net Skirt
  • Gold Collar
  • Gold Spinning Disk (attached to back)
  • Pink Comb
  • Mini-comic "Disappearing Treasure"


"Jealous beauty! She can become a trouble-making cat!"

  • Black Fury Skirt with Tail
  • Silver Cat Mask
  • Silver Cat Shield
  • Pink Comb
  • Mini-comic "Journey to Mizar"

Double Trouble

"Glamorous double agent!"

Double Trouble could change her face from good to evil when the wheel in her back was turned.

  • Green Net Skirt
  • Green Cape
  • Pink Comb
  • Mini-comic "Adventure of the Blue Diamond"


"The guide who lights the way! Her headdress and scarf can glow in the dark!"

  • Lilac Net Skirt
  • Silver Shoulder Collar
  • Lilac or Pink Glow-in-the-dark Crown with Silver Gem
  • Lilac or Pink Glow-in-the-dark Staff with Silver Gem
  • Pink Comb
  • Mini-comic "Disappearing Treasures"


"Ice Empress of Etheria! Her wand can spin and whistle!"

  • Iridescent Cape
  • Iridescent Skirt
  • Light Blue Spinning Ice Wand (white in Mexico)
  • Pink Comb
  • Mini-comic "Adventure of the Blue Diamond"


"The know-it owl! When asked a question, he can give a colour-coded answer! Kowl could answer your questions by a colour changing panel on his belly.  Red meant no, yellow meant maybe and green meant yes."

  • Mini-comic "The Hidden Symbols Mystery"

Combs, Shields and Swords

Pink Comb
All Figures [except Bow and Kowl]

Gold Shield
Silver Shield

Gold Sword
Ice Wand

Back Packaging

For Sale

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She-Ra Princess of Power :: Dolls