Memory Benches | Marine Parade, Leigh on Sea (Part 2)

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There are thirty nine benches with plaques along Marine Parade between the corner of Thames Drive and Belton Way to the corner of Vernon Road.

Following the map below from left to right, there are four benches on the corner of Thames Drive and Belton way, leading up to Dynevor Gardens. There are three benches midway between Thames Drive and Dynevor Gardens, and a further six benches on the last section up to Dynevor Gardens. There are then three benches opposite Dynevor Gardens followed by eight more benches from just after Dynevor Gardens to just before Crescent Road.

There are four benches starting just before Crescent Road up to Hamboro Gardens. There is then a bench on its own between Canvey Road and Harley Street, and another bench on its own between Harley Street and Herschell Road. There are six benches between Hershelle Road and Vernon Road, plus an empty plot. There are two benches leading out onto Marine Parade and the corner of Vernon Road.

The Benches

  1. Lesley & Ralph NEATH
  2. Kate & Tim RAY
  3. Ron RUSSELL
  4. Linda Ann POTTINGER
  5. Leslie Barker UTTLEY
  6. Nellie & Wendon WISEMAN
  7. Wally ROUTH
  8. Frances HEATH & Jeane ALLAWAY
  9. Syd & Zilpha PERKINS
  10. Bernard A HURRELL
  11. Jenny
  12. J P BURR
  13. George W HEMS
  14. Alan and Glennie BROWN
  15. George GOLD
  16. Dorothy Tucker and Howard TUCKER
  17. Senior Major Amy STANFORD
  18. Violet HAMMETT
  19. Jill WEBB
  20. Stanley E RAMPLING
  21. Cyril Sydney SEYMOUR
  22. Leonard ORME
  23. Hugh & Bea COX
  24. Anne Elizabeth BOYLE
  25. Stanley James PAYNE
  26. Bernard John CROSSLEY
  27. Dennis & June Sylvia COPPIN
  28. Herbert Philip & Ellen Rosina RAYNER
  29. Albert Underwood CROWE
  30. Jack & Edith KENT
  31. Christina & Stan PARSONS
  32. Florence & George LEAFORD
  33. (empty plot)
  34. Roy William WHITBY
  35. Andrew John CLARKE
  36. Ivy Victoria DAVEY
  37. Jack & Edith MORRIS
  38. Jean & Colin GREEN
  39. Ian, Agnes & Susie FRASER

The Walk

Photos taken along the way.

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