Welcome to Tracing Ghosts
Genealogical Research

Tracing Ghosts contains information about My Family Tree research on my direct ancestors and their families, and I also write a blog from time to time when I do an interesting bit of research. It also contains my project called “Memory Benches“, which is a collection of photograph of park bench memorial plaques.

I first discovered genealogy in 1987 when I did an English project to produce a family tree. I even tea-stained the paper and burn the edges to make the document look all old and authentic! Then in 2005 I rediscovered genealogy via my partner who was tracing his, and after digging out my old family tree project was soon hooked. It was after helping a friend with her own tree I realised that I enjoyed tracing other peoples trees just as much as my own!

I am available to HIRE if you need help trace your full or partial tree, certain people, or check over your DNA results.