Ware Bears

"Are you ready for these teddies?"

Were Bears were plush bears produced by Hornby in 1983 and continued production until the late 1980's. Their heads and paws were reversible, allowing them to change from "nice" to "nasty". In 1986 a second set of toys called the Terror Teds were created as foe's to the Were Bears. Alongside the bears there was also a comic produced.

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Images on this page from Hornby's toy catalogue, thanks to WereBears.co.uk and Clare Meachen!

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Were Bears

There were four Were Bears produced in 1983. Each one came with a story cassette tape that was narrated by Oliver Postgate of Bagpuss fame.

A set of smaller, non-changing bears were also produced, but I haven't found any images yet.






Growler was introduced in 1986 along side the Terror Teds and featured a voice-box that would produce a howling noise if the button was pressed. He was taller than the origianal Were Bears.

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Ware Bears