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"Backpacks full of fun and surprises!"

Backpack Club were produced by Galoob in 1997-98 and were a small line of five-inch poseable dolls wearing backpack playsets. There were also larger backpack playsets for the dolls to play inside and large enough for a child to wear. All items are quite hard to find.

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"The Backpack Club is always on the go! Each doll friend carries a special backpack that transforms into a fun adventure! Open the backpack to discover the wonderful surprises inside!"

There were six dolls in the Backpack Club. Each doll came with a detachable plastic backpack containing several small items. The dolls measured 5 inches high and had moulded on clothing. They had poseable arms, legs and heads with brushable hair. Their backpacks transformed into themed playsets when opened up.

Baby-Sitting Fun with Emily

Backpack Club Baby-sitting Brigade rules:

  • Always be prepared for fun and adventure!
  • Always read silly stories to the children you're baby-sitting!
  • Never let the children tie you up when you play cops and robbers!
  • Take your Backpack Club doll friends wherever you go!

Beach Party with Sandy

Backpack Club Beach Bunch rules:

  • Always be prepared for fun and adventure!
  • Wear sunscreen and sunglasses!
  • Leave only footprints in the sand when you go home!
  • Take your Backpack Club doll

Camp-Out Fun with Brooke

Backpack Club Camping Crew rules:

  • Always be prepared for fun and adventure!
  • Never speak to bears unless you been introduced!
  • Make sure your campfire is out before you leave it!
  • Take your Backpack Club doll friends wherever you go!

Makeup Magic with Melissa

Pizza Party with Francesca

Playful Pet Fun with Allison

Funtastic Packs

"Two backpacks for twice the fun! Your Backpack Club doll friends love playing games and doing crafts. Join in the fun with our special Funtastic Packs! Each pack includes a great game to play and a crazy craft you can create."

There were twelve extra backpacks for the dolls to wear sold in two-packs. Of each pair, one backpack opened into a game, the other had craft items inside.

  • Golf 'n Fun [no image]
  • Hoops 'n Fun [no image]
  • Music 'n Fun [no image]
  • Polish 'n Fun
  • Puppies 'n Fun [no image]
  • Scooter 'n Fun

Polish 'n Fun

Scooter 'n Fun

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Backpack Club :: Dolls