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"Wish World Kids have a magic key that opens a wonderful world filled with fun and play. When the Wish World Kids wish really hard, their magic Wish Key begins to glow and furniture magically changes into fun places in Wish World! In Wish World every wish comes true... if you're one of the Wish World Kids!"

Wish World Kids were produced by Kenner from 1987-89. They were a series of 4" poseable dolls which each came with a piece of furniture that could change into another playset.

They were sold in the US, UK and France under varying names:

  • USA / UK: Wish World Kids
  • France: Les Alibabetts

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All images on this page are from the 1987 poster back, with thanks to Duke Nostalgia, and from the 1988 Kenner Toy Catalogue, with thanks to Totally Jem!

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Dolls 1987

There were ten playsets with dolls produced in 1987. Each set came with a different poster and when all were placed together would make a map of Wish World. The other side of the posters had images of all the sets available.

Dolls 1988

There were at least two more playsets with dolls introduced in 1988

Dream 'n Queen Mirror
with Trisha Doll
Toll n' Roll Clock
with Edy Doll

Dolls 1989

There were sixteen more playsets with dolls introduced in 1989 and five of these came with baby dolls. However, I am unsure if these were ever sold in shops as I have never seen any in their packaging or even loose.

Changing Table 'n Elephant Ride
with Baby Shelly
Cradle 'n Wagon
with Baby Darci

Dresser 'n Train
with Baby Kara
Playpen 'n Petting Zoo
with Baby Krista

Stroller 'n Go Cart
with Baby Dori
Bookcase 'n Doll House
with Kayla
Dinning Table n' Pinball
with Evie

Dog House 'n Pet Store
with Nanette
Hutch 'n Wedding Party
with Lauren
Juke Bok 'n Birthday
Party with Rose

Kitchen Sink 'n Burger King
with Eileen
Sink 'n Amusement Pary
with Gina

Teacart 'n Hot Dog Stand
with Felice
Trunk 'n Lemonade Stand
with Mara

Vacuum 'n Scooter
with Sondra
Washing Machine 'n Grocery Store
with Adle

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Wish World Kids :: Dolls