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"Just open the doors to the Busy Bear land and find a wonderful land you can hold in your hand."

Busy Bears of Hippity Hollow were produced by Tomy in 1982. A similar set was released in Brazil called GulliverLandia, which used the same house moulds and bodies, but with different animal heads, and in Spain a series called Geyperland was released with little girl dolls rather than animals. Both these sets had far more peices than the US series. Japan had a set called Piccolo, which also had dolls rather than animals.

Images on this page thanks to Zhou!

Piccolo Houses

All eight playsets were made for the Piccolo line, which look to have all had different stickers. Like the Brazilian line, these sets all came with doll figures rather than animals.


This is the leaflet which came inside.

Zhou kindly translated the text:

  1. We are Pico and Roco. We are twins. We live in Piccolo Town, what an interesting town.
  2. The red roof house is our home. The clock house is next to our home.
  3. We have drunk delicious juice in the juice house and played games in the Television house today.
  4. There are many other interesting house in the Piccolo Town. Let's play together.

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Busy Bears of Hippity Hollow :: Piccolo