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Ewoks were produced by Kenner and were bear like creatures featured in the Star Wars film Return of The Jedi. There were poseable figures, playsets and several plush toys. A spin off cartoon series (lasting two seasons), centering the character Wicket, spawned figures of its own as well as accessories, books and playsets. Both the film and TV toys are features here for comparison as they were very different.

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Cartoon Figures

There were two series of cartoon figures planned, but the second series didn't get any further than the promotional stage. Each figure came with one accessory and a plastic coin.

Dulok Scout Dulok Shaman King Gorneesh

Logray Urgah Lady Gorneesh Wicket W Warrick

There were six unproduced Ewoks figures.

Bonda Chief Chirpa Chituhr

Morag The Witch Paploo Weechee

Playset Figures

There were six non poseable figures which came with various Wicket The Ewok preschool playsets.

Family Hut Playset Figures

Wicket Zephee Gwig Princess Kneesaa

Fire Cart Playset Figures

Wicket Princess Kneesaa

Woodland Wagon Playset Figures

Mookiee? Latara Paploo

Film Figures

There were eight Ewoks figure produced based on the Star Wars films. Each one came with removeable headwear and one or two accessories. They were also released with a large plastic coin like the TV figures above. They were released 1983-1985.

Chief Chirpa Logray Lumbat Paploo

Romba Teebo Warok Wicket W Warrick

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