Chubbles :: Chootles

"They live on love!"

Chubbles and friends were produced by Animal Fair in 1984-85. They were interactive plush toys, which reacted to either light or sound with flashing eyes, noses or beeps. There was a small set of plastic figures which also lit up.

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"Blinks its snoot and giggles a toot when it sees you!"

There were two sizes of Chootles produced.

Large Chootles

The larger 10 inch version's nose glowed/blinked and made tooting noises when the lights went out. It lit up red, and it made a series of high pitched, fast beeps and then a few low, slow beeps.

Small Chootles

The smaller version of Chootles was about the size of a drinks can. The face would light up red, and would also made beeping noises. I don't know what set them off.

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Chubbles :: Chootles