Furby :: Adults

"The more you play with me, the more I do!"

Furby were produced by Tiger Electronics from 1998 to 2002. They were a line of furry, interactive electronic creatures which looked a bit like owls and were the "must-have toy" of Christmas 1998.
Hasbro re-designed the line in 2005-2007 but without any great success, and then again in 2012.

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Images on this page thanks to Tiger publicity!

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"The more you play with me, the more I do! I will keep amazing you! I speak my own language... furbish! I can play games, dance and learn new tricks! I can wiggle my ears, blink my eyes & move my mouth!"

There were eight sets of standard adults produced, totaling 48 in all. There were also a further twelve set for production, but never made it into the shops (see bottom of page).

Series one to five had four eye colour variations (blue, green, brown or grey). Series six and seven (plus possibley eight and nine) had seven eye colour variations (light and dark blue, light and dark green, light and dark  grey or brown).

Furby had sensors, which allowed it to respond to sound, light, touch and motion. It spoke English and an imaginary language called Furbish. It also blinked, wailed, sneezed, sang, burped, purred, snored, shimmied and burped, which it follows with "uh-oh!"

Adults :: Series 1 [1998]

Wolf Leopard Witch's Cat Skunt Church Mouse Snowball

Adults :: Series 2 [1999]

Tiger Giraffe Owl Dalmation Bear Snow Leopard

Adults :: Series 3 [1999]

Leopard Lamb Gorilla Frog Elephant Pink Flamingo

Adults :: Series 4 [1999]

Lady Bug Dragon Tye-Dye Coffee Bumble Bee Cheetah

Adults :: Series 5 [1999]

Rooster Turtle Kiwi Sherbert Koala Lizard

Adults :: Series 6 [1999]

Aligator Blue Turtle Color Change Chapagne (gllittery) Tart Tangerine Husky

Adults :: Series 7 [2000]

Red Wolf Gold Stripes Banana Peel Racoon Juicy Grape Mink

Adults :: Series 8 [2000]

Puppy Dog Green Bean Rusty Dots Blue Blueberry Labrador Penguin

Unproduced Adults

There were a further twelve Furby's set for production, but never made it into the shops.

Adults :: Series 9 [Unproduced]

Parrot Gold Fish Ocean Eagle Raspberry Sundae Tabby Cat

Adults :: Series 10 [Unproduced]

Blue Jay Ocean Ripples Snowy Owl Coyote Red Snapper Lion

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Furby :: Adults