Surprise Surprize

Surprise SurprizeSurprise Surprize

Surprise Surprize were produced by Commonwealth/Ideal in 1987 and were a small line of plush animals which turned inside out into wrapped gifts via a zip on their back.

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Plush Animals

There were two styles of plush toys: the more traditional unclothed bears, and the larger animals with fitted clothing. Although dated 1987, I don't think they hit the stores until 1988.

Thier labels were marked "Surprise Surprize", but they were sold as "Surprise Surprise" in France, in partnership with Ideal.

"A nice gift package with its knot around ... Open, oh surprise! He becomes a cute stuffed animal!"

(translated from "Un joli paquet cadeau avec son noeud autour... Ouvre, oh surprise! Il devient une adorable peluche!")

Surprise Surprize

Pink Bear

Surprise SurprizeSurprise SurprizeSurprise SurprizeSurprise Surprize

Yellow Bear

Surprise SurprizeSurprise SurprizeSurprise Surprize

Blue Dog

Surprise SurprizeSurprise SurprizeSurprise Surprize

For Sale

Surprise Surprize