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Care Bears were originally characters created by American Greetings in 1981 for use on greeting cards. Then, in 1983, Kenner took the characters and made the first in a line of very successful teddy bears based on the Care Bears. Each bear was a different colour with a symbol on their belly to match their names. Care Bear Cousins, produced a couple of years later, were a series different animals with matching symbols to names.

The Care Bears franchise was massive business and a huge amount of items were produced to go along side the toys. There were book, magazines, cartoons and films, plus so many other items I can't mention them all!

A popular toy in the 80's, the Care Bears and Cousins made a succesful comeback to 2002 with several new characters being added to the original line (not mentioned here).

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There were three main different sizes of plush Care Bears (6, 13 & 18 inches) and at least two produced at the massive size of 36 inches! Some characters were only made as plush toys and there were several UK exclusives.

Plush Care Bears ~ 6 Inches

There were twelve Care Bears produced at 6 inches. The Care Bear Cousins were never produced at this size, nor were Grams or Baby Hugs & Tugs.

There were several 6 inch plush UK exclusives. These characters were only made as Plush, never as poseables.

Daydream Bear [UK] Forest Friend Bear [UK] Harmony Bear [UK] Sea Friend Bear [UK] Surprise Bear [UK] Trueheart Bear [UK]

Plush Care Bears ~ 13 Inches

All fifteen of the poseable characters were produced as 13 inch plush toys.

Baby Hugs Baby Tugs Bedtime Bear Birthday Bear Champ Bear

Cheer Bear
Friend Bear Funshinre Bear Goodluck Bear Grams Bear

Grumpy Bear Love-a-Lot Bear
Share Bear Tenderheart Bear Wish Bear

These eight Care Bears were only produced as plush toys, never as poseables. See below for more on Secret Bear.

Daydream Bear Forest Friend Bear Harmony Bear I Love You Bear

Sea Friend Bear Secret Bear Surprise Bear Trueheart Bear

"The best kept secret in town is new Secret Bear talking stuffed animal! This bear can say six wonderfully different sayings, with a pull of a string. But, his lips are sealed when you tell him your secrets. He promises never to tell anyone...that is, unless you want him too."

  • "I'm Secret Bear."
  • "I promise I won't tell."
  • "Who's your favourite Care Bear?"
  • "Do you have a secret?"
  • "You can tell me anything."
  • "You're my secret friend."

Plush Care Bear Cousins ~ 13 Inches

There were six Care Bear Cousins produced as 13" plush toys and five rare UK exclusives, one of which was never made a poseable.

Brave Heart Lion Bright Heart Raccoon Cozy Heart Penguin Gentle Heart Lamb Lotsa Heart Elephant Swift Heart Rabbit

These are the five rare UK exclusive plush Care Bear Cousins. Noble Heart Horse was never produced as a poseable.

Loyal Heart Dog Noble Heart Horse Playful Heart Monkey Proud Heart Cat Treat Heart Pig

Plush Care Bears ~ 18 Inches

There were at least seven 18 inch plush Care Bears produced.

[no image]
Bedtime Bear Birthday Bear Cheer Bear
Goodluck Bear Love-a-Lot Bear
Tenderheart Bear Wish Bear

Plush Care Bears ~ 36 Inches

There were at least two 36 inch plush Care Bears produced (Tenderheart & Cheer Bear).

Plush Care Bear & Care Bear Cousin Cubs

There were seven cubs produced towards the end of the 1980's, four Care Bears and three Care Bear Cousins. They had plush bodies with hard plastic, fuzz covered faces. Each one came with a bottle and either a bonnet or booties.

Plush Care Bear Cubs

Bedtime Bear Cheer Bear Funshine Bear Share Bear

Plush Care Bear Cousin Cubs

Bright Heart Raccoon Proud Heart Cat Swift Heart Rabbit

Plush Accessories

There were even a few accessories made for the plush bears, including fashion wear.

Cuddly Carrier

"Care Bear stuffed animals can now travel in their Cuddly Carrier accessory!
Wherever you go, any of your 13 inch Care Bears can go, too!
This soft and snuggly carrier is reversible and even adjustable, so it grows as you do!"

One of your Care
Bears can sleep
comfortably in front
of you...

or can ride happily by
your side...
or can sit nice and
safe behind you!

Care Bear Wear

"Care Bear 13 inch stuffed animals are dressing up in the cutest new line of fashions...the Care Bear Wear collection.
Now you can dress up all of your 13 inch Care Bear stuffed animal in six terrific outfits, with fashion co-ordinated hats too!
Each one fits any of your 13 inch Care Bears and is specially designed to let the Care Bears tummy symbols show through."

From left to right:

  • Sailor-Made Suit
  • Sunny Swimwear
  • Playful Romper
  • Rainy Day Slicker
  • Sweet Dreamers
  • Cake bakin' Clothes

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Care Bears :: Plush